Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lessons Learned

Some thoughts and notes on this emotionally powerful day, and a few lessons learned as well.

- A family chorus sang a beautiful hymn composed by my grandfather over 60 years ago. It was the first performance of the song. It was truly the perfect funeral hymn in many ways. Lesson learned: a choir can still manage to do a song justice in spite of crying openly throughout the song.

- One look at Cassandra can make me cry, and vice versa.

- Professional opera singer, George Dyer, was in town (this is his hometown!) to perform an annual Christmas show (sold out the civic center) and receive a hall of fame award. Additionally the mayor declared the day "George Dyer Day." This kind and talented man was also gracious enough to take the time out to also perform a song my grandfather had requested be done at his funeral, "Come Lay His Books and Papers By." (A fitting funeral song for a life long educator.) This was so generous and kind of him that I would like to thank him by encouraging you all to click on his name and check out his incredible talents.

- I also want to thank the very kind people at our local church who prepared the family meal. For my non-LDS friends- it is tradition that after the funeral service and interrment, that the family returns back to the church where the local congregation has a meal waiting for them. This certainly takes a huge stress off the family, and provides the family a much needed break, and time to be together for a bit. You can only imagine how much work and people it takes to make a meal for a family of our size. Considering our super size family of 200 people (and that's just the ones who could stay for the meal) comprises a huge portion of the local congregation, and were not available to contribute to making the meal, it could not have been an easy thing to do for those who did make it for us.

- There were many touching moments throughout the day. But for me the most heart warming (and simultaneously heart breaking) moments was when the grandsons/pall bearers each removed their bouttineires and placed them on the casket.

- Both my brother and my father have been in car accidents this week. And all I can think is I have no desire to drive this week. (But I'll be doing it anyway to go visit my nearby cousins.)

- I'm related to some beautiful and wonderful people.

- Lesson learned: My grandfather is the reason I can spell "pneumonia" correctly, and yet pronounce it incorrectly. He's also the reason why my dad serves us frozen pot pies.

- Need a little laughter during tears? You can put this one down in the history books. I am now the girl who got set up at her own grandfather's funeral. (I am forbidden by my mother to say anything further on the subject.)

- My favorite thing to say when someone asks me how its going? "Well, other than the fact that I'm at my grandfather's funeral?"


  1. Jan (aka Joyful)11:28 PM

    I'm sorry for your loss.
    We made a nonstop drive to Utah from Iowa just a few weeks ago for my mother's funeral. Like you I was touched when my husband, brothers, sons and nephews removed their boutonnieres and placed them on her casket.
    Being together with family is a blessing. Getting together for a funeral, not so much.

  2. It was a wonderful service. That stinks to say considering it was a funeral, but y'all did a fabulous job singing your song, it was beautiful and emotional. I was amazed that y'all weren't in tears through out it.

    George Dyer was amazing. But I loved listening to the speakers the most. They had wonderful memories that they shared.

    Y'all are so fortunate to have such a Great Grandfather who was a wonderful example of so many things in his life. I think Ginny's post described the type of person he was wonderfully.

  3. Most of us WERE in tears the whole way through that song. But it was a great tribute to our Pampa.


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