Sunday, December 20, 2009

Skipping Christmas?

I'm having trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit this year. In spite of the little pink Christmas tree in the corner, with presents underneath, it just doesn't feel like Christmas. There were several Christmas parties I was invited to that I had to miss during my trip to Virginia. I haven't received many cards (as many friends have said- Facebook killed the Christmas card) (but thank you to those who have sent them!!). I haven't had time to send out my own cards. I just barely put up a few decorations myself this evening. And I haven't really heard very much (good) Christmas music (what I heard in truck stop bathrooms across the country does not count). I did what little shopping I could afford online, so I even missed that tactile experience of gift giving.

Tonight was lovely though. As I decorated the living room, and watched Christmas movies, neighbors stopped by with little gifts. It made my whole day, and brought a little bit of the Christmas Spirit into my home.  I think what may be missing is that I'm not in a position to give much this year. This whole unemployment thing just stinks. I have the time and the desire to do more (I LOVE gift giving! I love making surprises! I love doing things for other people!), but I don't have the resources to do anything.

Can I just skip Christmas this year? Without traditions, family, or getting to do any service, I'm not even getting a holiday from work, etc, it just doesn't feel like Christmas. I just want to skip it.


  1. Permission granted.

  2. Hi - I came across your blog, just created one myself yesterday.
    As my mom says, Christmas is about family and friends and not 'presents'.
    Being together is more important than 'stuff'.
    I hope you find a job soon. good lukc and have a Merry Christmas.... Gina

  3. Struggling with it here too. Putting everything on hold for a few weeks there really took the air out of my Christmas spirit. I do have kids who insist on traditions, so we are still doing some things, but we didn't even decorate nearly as much as we usually do. I'm still trying to get my momentum up to get through the next few days.


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