Monday, December 28, 2009

Unemployment Day 26

The interesting part of applying for jobs in social media marketing is knowing that if the employer is any good, they will be searching for me online. If they are any good at searching, this blog will show up. (Social media nerds- you can relate to this dilemma- do I show off my SEO/SMM skills by making sure it shows up? Or work harder to make sure it doesn't come up? I can never decide.)
I have my professional blog on social media and engagement marketing, and it is printed on my resume.  I'd rather them find that obviously. (Hear that potential employers?!) But still, they may find this one. So do I talk about my job search on here or not?
I say yes.
So here's the update.
I have two interviews this week. One is in-state, one is out of state. Both are exciting positions with very interesting career potential. Potential that goes in two totally different directions. Entrepreneurial independence? Agency prestige? Corporate stability? Close to family? Stay in Utah? Exciting unknown? Who knows where this journey is going to take me. Is there any one option I'd prefer over another? Sure, I'd like a fabulous, prestigious agency position on a challenging national account to magically happen in Utah. Is that going to happen? Highly unlikely. But then, I'd also like to write a mind blowing novel in one week, and sell it for a million dollars. So will I be happy with any of my other options? Absolutely.
So say a little prayer for me this week as I go forth. I'm very excited about both opportunities. We'll see what happens!

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