Wednesday, January 27, 2010

48 Hours till Wheels Down- thoughts on the medical stuff

In 48 hours from now my flight will be touching down in Haiti. I'm still in shock that this is all happening! Right now I am sitting on my bed, my bedroom a complete disaster area, wondering how I'm going to get this all done in time?!

Thanks to some generous donations and assistance from friends and family today I was able to get the majority of supplies that I need. (Most of which are now scattered all over my room, waiting for me to find a way to cram them in my backpack.) Tomorrow morning I will be getting up earlier than usual to head down to the county health clinic to get a series of vaccines. I am really  not looking forward to it at all. Hep A, Typhoid, H1N1, and Pertussin (and possibly Polio if my mother decides that I didn't get it as a child. We're very unclear on that right now) are on the list. If I'm not allergic to this year's flu shot, I'll also be getting that. As the nurse ever so kindly put it on the phone this morning, "You are going to be one sick puppy for 2-3 days." Apparently getting that many strong vaccines at once will wipe me out, nauseate me, and give me a low grade fever. Not what I need right now! But the good news is that the bad side effects should start to wear off right about the time we land in Haiti. I'd really hate to be our first patient down there, so please pray that I don't get too sick from the vaccines! (side note- these vaccines are NOT cheap! I'm not medically insured, and even for a community health clinic, these are not cheap! I'll be spending close to $200 for shots!)

I have received some very kind and generous donations from friends already. Thank you so very very much. They are making a huge difference for both me, and for my ability to help take care of the patients in Haiti. I also have to thank my very generous parents and uncle who are making sure I get the right medications, vaccines, and anti-malaria drugs to take with me!

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