Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Finding Creativity

I'm trying to take advantage of my free week and really get into writing again. ("Because I Can" week continues!) I've managed to write a little bit so far, and I'm glad I did it. But I can really feel my creative side hasn't kicked in yet. When I feel creative, I LOVE to write. I can write and write, and daydream and get it down on paper in a heartbeat. I love it.
But sometimes I just can't get into the groove. I just don't feel it. Right now when I relax and let my mind be free, I find myself writing lists and lists of things I need to do. Or looking up houses online, or checking moving van prices. Anything but releasing my inner creativity. I miss it! I want my creative side back!
Normally my creative side is very literally fed and fueled by chocolate, cheeseburgers, and pepperoni pizza. Apparently my creative gene requires grease and sugar to stay alive.
So how to be creative? I don't know. I know it is an important step in becoming a writer to be able to write well without inspiration or "the urge." So I am working on that step this week. I'm trying to write without the bug in me. Maybe I'll finally be able to just relax and let my creative side win. Maybe. I hope so. I miss her.


  1. I dunno... is one who can write well without inspiration really a writer - or just a machine?

    Is writing without inspiration truly writing? Does it have value?

    This is my contribution as a frustrated, crappy writer!

  2. Jules9:09 PM

    Thought provoking, both you and TRS.


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