Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I have a feel good story for you. One that involves me, a bank, and a website called Twollow.

I'm not going to bore you with the full details of how this all came to conspire. Here's the nutshell instead. Last week I received 4 unexpected charges from Twollow. I have unsubscribed from their site multiple times, but due to a long story that doesn't need explaining here, I keep getting charged by them.

The charges are only $5.99. And sure, don't most people have $6 in their bank accounts? Well, yes, obviously. But here's the catch. I'm unemployed. I'm not using my regular checking account anymore. (For those of you unfamiliar with unemployment funds, it doesn't go into your bank account, or come in the form of a check. You get a debit Visa card, which pretty much negates the need to use a bank account.) My regular checking account is completely empty. The 4 charges of $5.99 earned me 4 charges of $25 each from my bank.

Last week when I saw the unexpected charges from Twollow I complained via their website. They promptly and without question refunded the money. So I called my bank in hopes that they would also refund their charges. They said no. (Note: I love my bank. They have been kind to me in other situations. I am leaving their name out of this because I don't blame them. Their policy is to refund charges that are their fault. Not when it is someone else's fault.)  Royally annoyed and feeling rather "kicked while I am down" I went to Twitter to complain.

To be exact here is what I said on Twitter.
"so @twollow charged me 4 times a $5.99 fee on an acct i no longer use. Bank is charging me $25 for each of those. can you say PISSED?"
"but @twollow refunded the charges, paypal blocked the rest. but bank won't reverse the fees. thank u for screwing over the unemployed!"

Shortly thereafter I turned off the computer for the day and decided to just relax and not worry about money. 

You can only imagine my complete and total surprise when I got an email just now from PayPal that says, "Yo, saw your money problems with the bank. This should cover it. Hang in there finding work."

Yes, folks, Twollow sent me $100 to cover the charges.

So I'm doing them a big thank you solid and telling you about them. For a small $5.99 each month, Twollow auto-follows keywords on Twitter for you. It searches all the tweets that be for words you select. When it sees those keywords in use, it auto-follows that person for you. I have used it for my different jobs, and recommend it to anyone trying to build their follows on Twitter.

Thank you Twollow. It isn't every day you see such great customer service.


  1. That is so great to hear amongst all the terrible stuff I'm hearing that companies are doing to people. Oh, and to me too.

  2. FanFREAKINGtastic!!

  3. Well, this the second time today that I am almost speechless. Wow, that is amazing and so wonderful to read about.

  4. Wow, great customer service! I am just researching twollow and may give it a try in order to grow my own followers. Best of luck finding work. @seospain

  5. That was neat, thanks for sharing it.


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