Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HCG Lessons Learned

I'm back on HCG again. I really do love being on this diet. I thought I'd share a few of the lessons I've learned from my third round of HCG.

I tried the diet for the first time back in August and lost 18 lbs. I gained 5 back. I did the diet again in October-ish, and lost another 15ish. I gained every single pound back within 4 weeks. I've now been on the diet again for 15 days and I've lost 17 lbs.

What I learned from the second attempt on the diet is that I could cheat and enjoy the diet a whole lot more. And then I discovered that, what I think is a result of the cheating, I couldn't keep the weight off at all. So here in round 3 I am doing my very best to not cheat at all. (Last week I couldn't help myself and ate 5 french fries and 2 bites of cheddar cheese and gained 2 lbs. Talk about not worth it!)

I've also discovered that my body just might have a limit as to how much weight I can lose. In round 2 I approached my current weight and couldn't pass it. I just stalled out and couldn't lose any more, no matter how hard I tried, and what more I did. This round I've hit the same weight and nothing is happening. I can't seem to lose anymore!

I'm actually perfectly happy at this weight. But I am fairly sure I will probably gain back a few pounds, so I'd like to lose just a little more so that I can settle at where I'm at. I like this weight. I think it looks good, and I feel good.

All in all, I still highly recommend the HCG diet. It isn't easy, and you do have to be willing to make some serious sacrifices and stick to the diet.

My gift to the 15 people a day who google hcg and find my blog- my favorite HCG friendly recipe.

Take a granny smith apple, slice it into disks, sprinkle a little cinnamon on it, and grill it on the Foreman grill. Eat it nice and hot and juicy. It is so good that I plan to keep eating it long after this diet is over with.

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    Can you share the website you purchased from? There seem to be quite a few out. Seems like you have had some success with it.



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