Monday, January 25, 2010

Help Me Help Haiti

I've sent it out in an email, on Twitter, and on Facebook now. Now it is time to post it on the good old blog.

I'm going to Haiti!

Yes, in a crazy turn of events, I walked into the Utah Hospital Task Force offices today to volunteer to help with fundraising and marketing efforts and I haven't left yet (7 hours later). Suddenly I'm going to Haiti as the press secretary/executive assistant/medical support on Thursday. I will be in-country for 21 days.

And I seriously need your help!!

I need your help getting cash donations, physical donations, etc. ANYTHING. If you can get it to me to take to Haiti, I can do it! I need first aid supplies, sunblock, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, clean socks, iodine tablets, a pocket knife, batteries, etc, etc. Anything and everything! If you live nearby and can bring it to me, I'll love you forever. If you don't live nearby but really want to help, you can send me money via PayPal (erinannie at Every little thing will help!

This might be the most random of the requests- but what I could really use (in addition to everything else) is a pair of woman's size 8 work boots. (They are the most expensive item, and I am still unemployed and broke!)

I will be blogging, Twittering, Facebooking, etc while I am there. (That will be my main job.) If you can't make any other kind of donation, I'll gladly accept your prayers for our safety, and the safety of the Haitians!

In the meantime you can follow along on Twitter @uhtf and Facebook at and on their blog at



  1. This made me super happy. Very excited for you! I know we'll all try to keep up on this end.

  2. So exciting! I'll see what I can do - but my prayers are with you and all Haitians.

  3. very happy for you and your opportunity to serve the hatians and educate us on the situation. congrats on the opportunity and good luck out there! will be following...

  4. Congratulations!! We don't know each other, but I know Due West – haha well, I know Brad, Tim and Matt- and They know My great friend Cami DeWitt who knows how badly I want to go to Haiti and she found your blog post  - I am so excited for you! I am on an “alternate list” as well.  waiting hoping and wishing I can serve!!!

    I just was able to exchange my old boosts for new ones yesterday so I am able to go any time! I sure you will get some ASAP! I am not in UT right now, but I would be in a heart beat!
    Sooooo – I just want to say I am so happy for you and IF there is anything I can do (other than sending 10K to get my butt on the plane I will do it to go! Passport ready.
    Cheers to your expanding heart!
    Jera Pennington

  5. Oh, how exciting! Unfortunately, I wear a 10-11 in shoes, or I'd help you with the boot thing. And OH MY GOSH YOU LEAVE IN TWO DAYS. How nuts is that? I hope things work out for you to go! Who's taking care of your furry roommates? I can't donate anything now (lots of expenses this month--close to running on fumes) but will you be able to access funds from your PayPal account once you're there?

    You are awesome. And you will be in my prayers.


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