Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Updates

There are other updates to our activities that I have posted on the website. Possibly the biggest one being that we are no longer going to be staying at the Healing Hands medical center. There is no longer running water there, and the conditions are deteriorating. We have been moved to the "NGO compound" at the airport. Unfortunately this major change also meant a major change in our water situation. We now have to carry all of our own water down there. The organization will be providing the majority, plus we are carrying our own small supplies. This changes the weight in the plane considerably as well. Tonight we had to ask for volunteers to stay home so that we can carry the necessary water and medical supplies.
Other things we heard tonight-
due to medical conditions, we will be training as many individuals as possible within our group how to do sutures. and we'll be teaching this, and other essential first aid skills, on the plane.
we are providing 70 Creole translators. (The Red Cross only had 40 at the time of the earthquake.) (let's hear it for awesome LDS missionaries!)
previously the rule was "if you can carry it, you can take it." As of tonight, after the water weight issues, we found out we can only carry 25 lbs onto the plane each. This includes are one day's worth of water, our clothes, supplies, etc. (As of right now my bag weighs about 40 lbs. I have a lot to do.)

Hopefully my next update will be from Haiti on Friday evening sometime.

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