Saturday, January 02, 2010

Movie Review: Invictus

Using the Erin rating scale-
Would I see it again? In a theater? Or on DVD? Not in a theater, but yes on a DVD.

Would I recommend it to my movie snob dad? Would I not recommend it to him because it is too explicit or the language goes too far? For reasons I won't be explaining here, no, I wouldn't recommend it to my dad. We'll just leave it at he's not a fan of Nelson Mandela.

Would I recommend it to goes-to-less-than-2-movies-in-a-theater-a-year-and-even-then-only-kid-movies-with-her-kids- Juli? On DVD, yes.

Sidenote- I would recommend this movie to most other people. Including my mother or sisters to watch when my dad isn't around.

Did I get bored or wish it was over? I really enjoyed it. It was a story I had not heard before. The beginning was a little slow.

Was I intrigued by the plot? Absolutely. It was an interesting view into healing South Africa, and made me want to learn more about rugby.

Or just entertained by the special effects? If by special effects you mean hot rugby players, then yes. That being said, I'll add that Matt Damon looks great as a blond.

Overall, I found it interesting. Here are some things to note. There is no sex or bad language. The rugby can be a bit rough, but I wouldn't call it violent. Also, it has a definite Clint Eastwood vibe to it (he directed it). If you don't like his raw style, you may not enjoy the movie as much as I did. Also, both Damon and Freeman deserve an Oscar nod if they get them.


  1. I have my own category. I rock.

  2. I loved the movie for two reasons - rugby and the power for individuals to influence for good. I'm a little biased though - all my brothers have played rugby. It was even a better movie than Forever Strong. Just glad there are more rugby centered movies coming out since it is so fun to watch.

    My Dad is the same way. I'm still deciding whether to recommend it to him. He has the same feelings for some reason.

  3. Standing quote of the year for 2010 so far....

    "If by special effects you mean hot rugby players, then yes."

  4. I really want to see this film. Not out in Australia just yet.


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