Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Things That Suck/Things to be Grateful For

Things that suck
1. Record breaking earthquakes
2. Nasty weather inversions in Utah

(see how there are clouds over the mountains and below the mountains? and how you can't see the big huge valley straight ahead? that is because the lower set of clouds is the smog inversion. this picture was taken around 2 pm.)

3. Not getting the job I had my heart set on after 3 interviews
4. Raging insomnia
5. Having to keep the house colder than I like because I'm poor and have to cut back on the heating bill
6. Hitting a weight loss plateau and not losing anything for 4 days

Things to be grateful for
1. I get unemployment insurance
2. Inversions can't last forever
3. Friends that give me projects to do
4. "deferred payments"
5. At least I have a house to live in
6. I lost some weight, right?

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