Sunday, January 03, 2010

Two Weeks' Notice

In exactly two weeks from today I have a birthday that I am dreading. Maybe it's just the current state of my life, but I don't want to celebrate hitting the age that officially marks the entry into middle age. I'm officially at that age where I'm an old maid. Where I'll probably never get married and have children. Where it's all about a career (and I'm unemployed) and not much more. Where it could be all down hill from here. So what is there to do except throw myself a big party? But I need your help!

Do I throw myself a-
big, huge pizza party?
fancy dress-up party at a fancy high-end restaurant?
cake and ice cream party at my own house where I have to do all the set up and clean up and everyone has to drive to Lehi?
(it won't be a costume party because Big Alliance is throwing an awesome costume party just a few weeks later)


  1. Pizza and beer have my vote just as long as you have someone else do all the cooking!

    Good luck and happy early birthday!

    CELEBRATE! It's only a number!

  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I'd vote for the pizza it is a little more low key and in my bitter opinion more people would be inclined to show up. I also say get out of the house it would be far to easy to be a bit maudlin in that environment. Get out and make a night of it troll the town get pizza in place x walk down to the theater in a noisy herd of friends to catch a movie then mosey to a desert place and gorge there as well. Just my 2 centimes


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