Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally, my first non-Haiti post

I managed to go two weeks in Haiti without so much as indigestion or a hiccup, but one night out with my family to a sushi place, and I've got a "tummy issue" going on. (As does my brother, mother, and sister.) So not fair.

I guess this means we are back to life as usual. I'm back to job-hunting, back to watching way too much TV, and back to my lovely case of insomnia. The hard part about job hunting post-Haiti is wanting to do something more important with my life. It is hard to convince myself that I can just work for money for any job. I still have this overwhelming desire to serve, to change the world, and make a difference. But as a career adviser once told me, "Even Superman had a day job."

So I've reconciled my ideals, motivations, and expectations. It is now my first priority goals to adopt a young child from Haiti, and to become a foster parent. (As long as I am unemployed I am not in a situation to become a foster parent, as soon as I have a job and income again, I will be able to take a child in to my home.) To assist in reaching these goals, I am now more focused on finding companies that provide superior benefits. (My last 3 employers did not offer superior benefits. Trust me, it makes a difference.)

But if I could have my way, money wouldn't matter, and I'd be back in a tent in Haiti tonight!

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  1. Get a job in Denver, I'll be your roommate and help you with those kiddos!!

    I miss your updates on FB due to my lenten FB fast... glad to see you writing here!


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