Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Haiti news links

As I wrap up my Haiti blogging I thought I'd share a few of the news articles about Haiti, the orphans, and our organization.

Sean Penn Talks to Larry King 
Health Crisis in Haiti

Couple Dies Picking Up Newly Adopted Son

Utah Hospital Task Force
LDS Church News- Home From Haiti  (includes a really bad picture of me)
One of our volunteers blogged from Haiti daily for

Meridian Magazine special features on our trip and on Haiti-

Photography- our group had two professional photographers with us that have now posted their pictures on their sites.  (on both sites you will need to look at portfolios, then haiti)
Misha Tulek  (#6 is my favorite, #10 breaks my heart)
Joel Addams (served double duty as doctor and photographer!)

And not that my photography is any great thing, but if you'd like to see the rest of my Haiti photos, you can see them here-

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