Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bring on the Options!

I love being able to look to the future and knowing I have options. All too often while unemployed it feels like there are no options. In the last few days I have entertained all sorts of ideas and options for the future. And let me tell you, while it is all good, it is also overwhelming!

what i looked like the last time i was considering graduate school
(that little girl i'm holding is my sister stephanie- she's now in college) 

Here is a quick glimpse into the hurricane that is my mind these days-

  • MBA in Social Entrepreneurship
  • at Oxford?
  • or somewhere else?
  • Who are we kidding? I'll never get into Oxford! But a girl can dream!
  • Job interviews!
  • Job applications
  • Adopting from Haiti
  • Foster care
  • online courses from Oxford in Globalization
  • retaking 2 college classes
  • Let's be honest, I'm 35. Am I going to feel over the hill going back to college?
  • I'm afraid to think about the whole career vs marriage thing. Will a 35 yo LDS, American woman ever get married if she goes to England for school? What if she moves to Arkansas? 
  • Life is stressful enough trying to fight Arkansas and England out in my head! (And all of the other places I've applied to jobs.)
  • Seriously, am I about to completely send my social life to the electric chair??
  • Talk about insanity, I'm on the verge of becoming that intimidating woman I never thought was possible- published author, adoptive mother, international hobbies, high powered career. Or am I about to become the man I have always wanted to find?
  • Speaking of my social life, the book launch party on Saturday night- what to wear? Do I go cute or sexy? 
  • I don't pull sexy off very well!
  • I could mention the other place I'm going where I am hoping to run into my crush, but there's a chance he reads this. So I do I say it? Or not?
  • how on earth can I pull off a great job, going back to school, and adopting all at the same time?
  • adopt first? or go back to school first?
  • is it possible for my dog to demand to go outside anymore today??
  • I really need a better retirement plan. My winning the lottery strategy hasn't worked so far.
  • Starting tomorrow I'm doing "monopoly money stock market investing"
  • The Congo- yes, the Congo. I'm doing a lot of research right now on the Congo for a novel I am co-writing. 
  • Speaking of which, I just thought up a fun new idea for the book. I should go write it down.
  • I had a phone interview today with a company that wanted 10 years experience, with minimum 5 years management, plus a BA, MBA preferable. And it paid $35K. Do you know that my first job out of college with zero experience 12 years ago paid $30K? Are these people crazy?!
  • 4 incredibly talented, hard-working friends got laid off from their jobs in the past week. I don't really believe the job climate is improving!
  • I miss Haiti. I just want to go back to Haiti and hold babies all day. Why can't that be my life's plan?
  • You know what isn't fair? That the girl who has been boy-crazy and had all of her babies named since she was 10 years old is still single. 
  • I applied for 5 great, amazing, dream job opportunities this past week. Will my phone ever ring?
  • I have easily 20, maybe 30, bags of donations from friends to send to Haiti. But no local charities are accepting them. Maybe it is time for me to set up my own 501(c)3 and do it myself? That would be a ton of work, but I'm for the challenge. 

That's enough for one day. I have a lot to go think about.


  1. You rock!!

    I'm sure you're finding tons of opportunities... in my own job search I keep finding jobs that would be great for you... that I'm not qualified for!! Send me an email, I'll send them to you.
    (I'm off FB for lent... but I think I sent you my email and ph via FB before you left for Haiti if you still have it!)

  2. "Or am I about to become the man I have always wanted to find?"

    Seriously, that made me laugh out loud. I can't tell you how many times I've wondered why I can't find a man with all the great qualities I have. ;)

    Wow! Those are a lot of options and good for you for making lemonade out the lemons life has served you job wise. I'm still in awe about the trip the Haiti. Holding babies all day sounds like a lovely life plan to me. :)

  3. Don't count Oxford out. John got his Master's there.

  4. If you'll permit me to come out of my lurking...and put in my two ask you to consider the MBA program at BYU. I just finished the program at BYU last April. There is a strong contingent of social entrepreneurs there with even a minor in social entrepreneurship that is either in place or is very soon forthcoming. Check out the Center for Economic Self-Reliance on the BYU Marriott School site. There are quite a few summer internships where you can put your MBA skills to good use in teaching others. And the price is nice too compared to many other MBA programs around. Anyways just a few thoughts. I too love humanitarian service and completely understand that feeling of wanting to change the world. Good luck in your decisions.

  5. I think I know of a charity that will accept your donations still. I have been collecting stuff for them and was planning on making another drop off soon. Email me if you want the deets.

  6. Erin-
    I followed your article on Meridian Magazine to your blog, wondering if I knew your family. This picture of your mom proved it true -- my husband and I once knew you! (well, sort of) 14 years ago, my husband did an internship with Congressman James Hansen from UT. We rented the room behind/above your garage during the fall that he worked there and I worked for the Ethics Committee. It was in Oakland, VA.

    I'm sure you don't remember much about it, but your parents might and it was wonderful to have a glimpse of your family again! We were SO impressed with your parents and family. We count our experiences there as some of our highlights of life!

    It looks like you are living life to it's fullest and having amazing experiences -- way to go! I love when people do that instead of watching and waiting for life to pass by. :)


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