Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do What? Due West!

Little and Due West lead singer, Tim Gates

Thank you, Due West, for yet another amazing concert!  Both "Little" and I are loving our new (autographed!) CDs!

My upcoming move has me getting emotional about all sorts of things. This includes anything related to not getting to see "Little" every week, or getting to do all of our favorite traditions together. So when Due West kicked off the show with 'her' song tonight, yes, I cried! I can't tell you how much it means to me, and her, every time they dedicate "22 Hours" to her.

Have you ever wondered if their goodness and kindness to their fans really benefits them? The answer is yes! Many times over yes!  Remember how a long time ago Due West went to Little's elementary school to serenade her with her favorite song? Well, tonight as we walked into the show, Little said, "hey there's a friend from my old elementary school!" and ran over to talk to her. (She's a mighty middle schooler now.) A minute later she told me that her friend had been following Due West ever since that day, (I'm assuming via MySpace) but had never been to a concert, and didn't own a CD. But the kindness of Due West that day so long ago sold 3 tickets to tonight's show (the friend, her mother, and a sister), and at least 1 CD.

I am excited that my new town in Arkansas is only 8 hours from Nashville. I'm looking forward to someday soon getting to go see my favorite band play in Music City, and hanging out with my "Due West Family."

It has been a long time coming but the Due West official debut CD is almost out! You can buy them now at shows, or wait till they "hit the streets" in late April. I LOVE their new and improved sound- very rocking country!! I've been hearing 8 of their songs for about 4 years now, and many of them have been restylized and remastered for this CD. And I'll tell you this- I love the songs more today than ever before! And the new songs?? LOVE THEM ALL!!

If you go to the Due West MySpace page you can hear all of my favorite songs right now! How convenient is that? All my songs in one place right now! Wake Up the Neighbors (I call this the "turn it up some" song), Bible and the Belt (their just announced new single), Tip Jar (brand new and rapidly becoming one of my favorites), Good to be Loved By You (my favorite song for nearly 4 years!), and So Long My Friend (the song that 3 years ago I heard and just hooked me on their style).

Boys, thanks for everything! You can rely on me to always get up and dance at every show!

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  1. i was wondering if you hung out with little any more. good for you for taking advantage of the oppurtunities before you!


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