Friday, March 19, 2010

Fine- be that way!

Have you heard the saying, "Everything will turn out fine in the end. If everything isn't fine, it isn't the end." For a long time I didn't agree with that saying. (I don't agree with a lot of cliches, sayings, or "glittering generalities." I think they give people too much encouragement to be a lemming, or not be an individual.) Sometimes things do have a crappy ending. Sometimes things just don't turn out the way we want. But lately I guess I've lived enough to accept that you can be fine with accepting the crappy ending. Ordeals and trials stop being a trial when you can accept it and be fine with it.
You may have noticed my blog has a new header picture (i've included it in this post for my RSS reading friends). It isn't the greatest quality, but I love it anyway. I took it on our last day in-country in Haiti. Right there in the middle of Hell on Earth, there was a beautiful beach. After all, Haiti is a tropical Caribbean island. (For the first few days in-country every time I heard someone say "Port au Prince" I would think of the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" song. After a few more days of living in Hell, I no longer associated a tropical island song with Haiti.) This picture makes me think "If everything isn't fine, it isn't the end." Even in the middle of Hell on Earth, you can find beauty. It made me mad to find something so perfect and beautiful in the middle of devastation. Empty hotel rooms with a working restaurant, and they aren't sharing it with their homeless brothers and sisters?? But what can I do about it?
For me this picture represents how I feel about becoming fine with the end. You don't have to love it. You don't have to be happy about it. You just have to accept it and be fine with it.

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