Monday, March 01, 2010

Good Friends, Good Weekend

I had a good weekend with good friends. Friday night I went out for the annual go-kart races for the birthdays of several friends. (See the pic of me in my race suit in the side bar.) Go-kart racing is always a ton of fun. I highly recommend it. But fair warning- after racing around the track all night, sometimes it can be really hard to remember to drive sanely on the freeway on the way home. Also, try to withstand the urge to tailspin into your own driveway. Just saying.
Saturday night I stayed up with my brother, Allyson, and our new housemate Rex and played Settlers into the wee hours of the night. (Made all the more perplexing when I thought I was going to win in the next round so I took a sleeping pill, and then we played for another 30 minutes. I was having trouble remembering what color I was, but I still won!)
Tonight I joined Heidi, Dave, Sara, Oliver, Kristen, Evelyn (Heidi's mom), and all of their collective offspring for an Indian dinner. Their collective offspring call me "Fairy Godmudder," which never gets old. Baby Maya continues to be the cutest baby ever, and will continue to be so until a cuter, younger model comes to take her place. But since none of my close friends are currently pregnant, I think Baby Maya makes a great Reigning Baby. (Maybe this is a sign I need to have a baby someday?)
You know what I like about my friends? I never feel like a third wheel or the odd man out. Now maybe if they did make me feel like that more often I'd actually try to date more. But since they don't, I'm always happy to enjoy their company without the pressures of a date.
There is a lot going on this upcoming week! I'm a guest blogger over at therhouse adoption blog. The Big Alliance is hosting our first ever young leaders breakfast lecture series. Want to hear the owner of Papa Johns talk about success and business? It's only $10 and that includes an awesome breakfast! There is a fundraiser photo exhibit on Friday by my photographer friends from Haiti that promises to be mind-blowingly awesome. (Followed by an awesome reunion dinner with Haiti friends! I can't wait!) I have a job interview for a big deal job this week! Cross your fingers and say some prayers! And last but not least, on Saturday night we are finally launching the Don't Forget the Pepper Spray book! I'm so excited to finally get the book out!
What a great way to start off a big week!

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