Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stay Classy, Interwebz

I am no better than a dog turning to its own poop. If you don't know that reference, go re-read the Old Testament.
Today I got an email from an online dating site I was on forever ago. But because I no longer pay for the site the email didn't tell me who had sent me a message. All I knew was that someone had. Being bored and having nothing better to do with my time, I went to the site, went through the 20 steps to figure out my password again, and finally logged in. Not being a paying member all I could really do was look to see who had viewed my profile recently, and maybe narrow it down to see who wrote me. (In other words, I looked at the viewers to see if there was anyone interesting enough that I would want to read an email from them.) I saw that a guy I was friends with years ago on that site had recently taken a peak. Thinking optimistically that maybe he had written me, I forked over the $9 to access the emails. (If you only knew how many people from my past have resurfaced lately, you wouldn't think that so unusual.)
I was wrong. It wasn't the guy I had hoped for. But I did have plenty of emails waiting for me from random online men. (I haven't checked this site in months, maybe years?) I glanced over them and saw nothing interesting. But within a few moments of being online someone IM'ed me via the site.
(Personally, I think that is just rude. I think you should send the person an email first before IM'ing them, but since I'm not Miss Manners and I don't rule the world, there is little I can do to enforce that rule.)
The guy looked innocuous enough, so we began chatting.
I kid you not, within 2 minutes of "Hi, wanna chat?" he was making disgusting sexual overtures and offensive comments.
And then I remembered exactly why it is I stopped using such sites, and clicked off the site.
So ladies, and the occasional gentlemen who read this site, cut me a break when maybe sometimes I make odd dating decisions. When I let ex's back in from the past, or go on dates with guys I'm not that into (but find nothing wrong with), or decide I'd rather Facebook all night and not go to parties, be patient with me. Some days it honestly it feels like there are no other, decent, new, worthy fish in the sea. I haven't give up hope yet, but I swear that day is rapidly coming.


  1. oh... as soon as you said he IMd before emailing... I predicted the outcome.

    That happened to me too. I immediately told him to take a trip to someplace warm - and I wasn't talking about Bermuda.

    I know honey... it's awful out there. My friend and I were just talking about this... and how it's so strange that men our age (mine my friend - not you!) look 15 years older!!! Ugh! Really depressing to realize that I've saved myself all this time for some wrinkled old fart!

  2. Oh oh oh oh! I just had almost THE SAME thing happen to me on a different site (I'm guessing yours is LDS, maybe not?) The one I was/am on is not LDS.

    This guy seemed innocent enough, lived right close to me and was 4 years old than me. First thing he asks me is if I live to give massages and second thing is "how sexual are you in relationships?"

    After that, it went no further. DONE. Thank you, drive through.

  3. One creep IMed me before emailing and was slow his responses. Turns out, he was masturbating. Why would he admit that? I have no idea. I blocked him.

  4. Oh dear. Honestly, the things some people think is perfectly acceptable to do and say, all because they are doing it from a computer and not in person, never fails to amaze me.


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