Saturday, April 03, 2010

Keep Calm, Carry On

I haven't said much about the upcoming move on my blog yet. I guess it is time to share! As mentioned before, I am moving to Arkansas to take a job with an ad agency. I'm excited to work on a big name national account doing what I love most- social media marketing. The agency itself (which will remain anonymous on this blog) is very reputable, well-known, and not a start-up (*ahem* as compared to my last 2 employers).
I am moving there sight unseen! I have been to the Little Rock area a few times on business trips, but never to the Fayetteville area. I did all of my job interviews over the phone and Skype, so I haven't even been to their offices or met them in person yet. I've even picked out an apartment just by looking at the website.
I figure at this point I could stress and worry and have a million expectations, or I can just roll with the punches and be surprised by everything.
I'm taking my dog, and I'm debating about the cats right now. I've made plans for the cats to stay behind in Utah, but I'm having serious second thoughts. I'll miss my kitties too much! And the dog will go crazy from boredom not having the two cats to herd around!
I will be going from my lovely 4 bedroom home here to a 1 and den apartment in Arkansas. I'm actually only losing 300 sq ft in space though, which makes me happy.
I've been asked if there are many singles or Mormons there. The answer is that I am living in a college town, so yes, there are younger singles. As for singles my own age? I'm not expecting any. As for Mormons, its no Utah obviously, but there are a surprising number. Or at least much more than I thought there would be.
I have no real friends or family in the area. There is one family that I have met before that lives there, and I do have an old friend a few hours away. And I just learned that another acquaintance/friend lives about an hour away in Missouri.
We load the moving truck on Wednesday. (Please, let it be a "we." Please, friends, please show up! I can't do it alone!!) I will clean the house on Wednesday, and maybe Thursday. And then I drive East!! The plan for the moment is to get into AR really late Saturday night, get my keys on Sunday, and move in Monday. I start my job on Wednesday. There are a dozen small details that could throw things off at this point. But we'll just "keep calm and carry on."


  1. SO excited for you! Also can't wait til you roll thru Denver... whoo hoo!

  2. i think i told you before, i have an old mission companion that lives in Bentonville. i'll e-mail you her contact info, just in case you might want it.

  3. Good good luck! All the best -this sounds so exciting and I can't help but be a little more depressed with my life. HAHA.

    My friend from my ward just recently relocated to Arkansas (? right?) with her husband and kids and loves it.



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