Sunday, May 23, 2010

30 Rock My World

I love 30 Rock. I love how they will mock just about anything, and not just subjects that are so low brow that anyone can get the joke. They mock more obscure things, or on occasion more intellectual things as well. You can only imagine my surprise when they mocked "Maryland Accents," this past week.
As a proud vocalizer of the "Maryland Accent" (except I've always called it a Potomac Accent, very distinctly defined by the way those who have it say "Pa-TEAU-mick."), I thought this was hilarious. Even in the DC/MD/VA area it isn't a well-known accent. For the most part only true natives/locals have it, and we are far and few between!!

Yes, this is how I say my "o" sounds. I can't help it. I was talking to my dad over Skype yesterday (I'm not allowed to say what country he lives in) and tried explaining this bit to him. He finally laughed at me because i couldn't explain the difference between the way I say "oh" and how apparently you are supposed to say "oh." He said, "You are saying it the same way both times! I don't hear anything wrong." And then I realized - he has the Potomac Accent too!

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