Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feelings, nothing but feelings

Since moving here there has been a constant dilemma of what to say on my blog. Several of my co-workers could read my blog if they want to. So do I talk about how I feel here? Or just talk about other things? I don't know. But today we're going with sharing feelings.

I'm been struggling with finding a "happy center" - that elusive balance of creativity, personal life, and professional life. And how to find confidence and strength during a time of confusion and loneliness?

I'm fighting off the urge to whine, and vent, and cry about loneliness. How much I miss companionship with someone other than my dog.

But this will pass in a day or two, right? I'll be back to finding joy and happiness soon. Right?


  1. Hugs! You'll find a family to surround yourself with there, I'm sure of it. Meanwhile, don't forget your best friend in the whole world, Jesus Christ! Try throwing yourself into studying His word. It sure has cured me of loneliness many times in my life!

  2. I understand. I've been there.
    Just yesterday a sweet old man suggested that I seek work in other cities. My answer, not at my age. He didn't understand.
    The last time you can relocate as a single person is in your 30s. After that, no one your age is looking fpr new friends.
    Maybe a married couple can do it. .. still hard... but as a single no way.


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