Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Poor Dog

If you have ever met my dog you know she is a little saint. She's incredibly well-behaved, rarely barks, rarely jumps up on people, is protective, smart, etc. And she's pretty too, for a mutt of a dog.
What happens next is not her fault.
In my ever valiant efforts to save money I decided to not take my dog to the groomer's and not pay $60-100 for her to get a summer haircut. Instead, I bought a dog grooming kit at Walmart for $30, and attempted to do it myself.
Ay yi yi.
I'm so glad she doesn't know what she looks like. She's a rather vain dog. (If you've never had a vain dog this may be hard to understand. But seriously, some dogs are really vain!) And oh my goodness, I did not do a good job on her. I'd take her in to the groomer to get it clean up, but really, there's not much left to clean it up. I feel so bad! If it wasn't so impolite to say it, I'd say she looks like the dog version of a cancer patient right now.
But it will grow back, right? And at least she'll have a nice cool summer haircut and we can avoid heat strokes!

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  1. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I have been reading your post since, you went to Haiti (missspelled) but, IM a dog lover raised around them and you didn't do a bad job, don't feel bad, she looks fine. each time you will get better. My sister did it to our dog once and made her completly bald dog it will grow back. She is cute


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