Sunday, May 02, 2010

Things Worth Mentioning

Ben and Jerry's Minis/Personals/Singles- whatever they are called, they are perfect. Just one single serving of B&J's, not too big. You can get what you want, without getting the calories you deserve!

Arkansas is truly beautiful. I can't get over the rolling hills, green everywhere, blossoms, and miles and miles of woods.

Have you ever had a just buck up and and get it done weekend? That was me this weekend. I did so much laundry I went through nearly an entire bottle of detergent. (It usually takes me 2 months to use up a bottle of detergent!) And I used up an entire box of fabric softener. But I was throwing in about 6 sheets per load. (A cat stink issue.) On top of that I spent way more time than a girl should on a Saturday night with tech support to fix a computer issue, hung drapes, hung pictures, rearranged furniture, and a ton more. Verdict? It takes 2 people to hang drapes on windows 8 feet wide.

I saw a dude with a long beard, John Deere green hat, and dark blue overalls out front of a tractor store. It was so stereotypical I couldn't help but laugh so hard that I nearly hit the car in front of me.

Anyone recognize this house? on Twitpic

Some of you may know that my favorite reality show (and the only one I watch) is filmed here in my new town. I just happened to meet someone who works with their production crew once in a while. Result? He told me what the family is like. (They are as genuine and kind in real life as they appear on the show.) And gave me stalker tips. I think he realizes I'm far from being the kind of person who could actually ever approach them! But it is fun to know things about them! (You can see their house-

Movie worth seeing- The Young Victoria! I got this from the RedBox (I do love RedBox), not knowing what to expect. I did know it had received some Oscar and Golden Globe buzz, and some awards. I was NOT disappointed! In fact, I loved it! It is the love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I didn't know much about them at all going into it. After the movie was over I stayed up for hours doing more research online about them. I really recommend this film!

Movie to Stay Far Far Away From- I also watched the "Lovely Bones." Disclaimer: I have not yet read the book. I probably won't after seeing this movie. It was AWFUL. I hated pretty much every single minute of it. I don't know if it was awful editing, or the awful plot (a young girl is kidnapped and murdered, and then tells the story of her family's search for her as she watches from heaven), or the fact that I hated their version of heaven. It was just awful. Ugh! I also would really NOT recommend "Everything's Fine." It stars Drew Barrymore and Robert DeNiro. I had much higher hopes for it. I can't believe they dared release it around Christmas. Again, depressing, dark, and I completely disagreed with most of it.

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  1. What a productive weekend!!

    I read The Lovely Bones and loved it. Even gave it to my mom to read. (she said she liked it, as it gave us a new perspective of my sister's death/murder)
    I too, did not like the version of heaven they came up with. Haven't seen the movie, heard nothing but bad about it.


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