Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Two Things I Love the Most

As you may have noticed, these are the two things I love the most- Little and Big Fat Doggy. So indulge me as I tell you a cute story about my 2 favorite things!
I had a "skype date" with Little recently. Talk about fun and cute getting to talk to her via Skype for an hour! I miss my kiddo so much! It was great getting to see her and chat (almost just) like we always do!
But! The whole time we were talking Big Fat Doggy was going crazy! She is normally the best behaved dog you have ever seen. She never barks, never jumps up on people, and would rather die than jump on me! She's an angel of a dog. But during the "skype date" the dog went crazy! She was running all around the apartment, barking loudly, and very forcefully jumping up on me and barking right in my face. I have never seen her behave so poorly! I finally grabbed her and forced her into the bathroom. She fought me the whole way- which she never does. And then she kept barking- LOUDLY!
The "skype date" ended and I let the dog out. She ran one more time around the apartment, and then settled down just fine. And then it hit me! Doggy LOVES Little! You give her the choice between me and Little, and she will go sit and take care of Little every time. Little is her #1 favorite! During the skype, she could hear Little's voice! She was trying to find Little! She was trying to be a good dog, and let me know something was wrong. She could hear Little, but couldn't find her! Poor dog couldn't understand!
How cute is that!?


  1. little looks like what i remember your sister natalie looking like.

    yes cute story.

  2. Sweet doggie!!
    and I can vouch for doggie's impeccable behavior - she's an angel.

    How has she settled into the new digs? All relaxed now?


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