Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Weekend in Photographs

After 7 Saturdays of living in Arkansas, it finally didn't rain! YEAH!! I couldn't wait to get out and explore the green, Greener, GREENEST hills around me!

I took my trusty companion with me and hit up Devil's Den State Park for a 3 miles hike on Saturday.

Devil's Den is known for having deep chasms and several caves throughout the park. Unfortunately, the caves are currently off-limits and closed to the public due to a bat fungus. Nope, you can't make this stuff up. Bat fungus.

There's also a few simple waterfalls along the main trail. The dog did NOT like having to walk under these!

Just another beautiful view along the trail.

On Sunday I discovered some trails at Lake Fayetteville. I had been given a brochure about the park. It showed a simple, easy, fun, paved 2.25 miles trail. It also showed an unpaved 5.5 miles "nature trail." I thought I could easily handle the 2.25 miles trail with the dog.

At the 3.75 mile marker I had to accept that maybe I wasn't on the 2.25 miles trail. At 4.0 miles the paved trail ended, and I had the fun of having to navigate the 20 berzillion little mountain biking trails through the woods back to my car. Except I also turned back at 3.75 to go to an info station for information, and added an extra mile to my trip. (The info station was closed.) All in all, my 2.25 miles walk was a little over 7 miles.

The dog was less than happy with our extended journey! She tried multiple times to give up and just sit in the shade. But she survived the trip and is now taking it very easy in the corner, and giving me the cold shoulder!
Turns out I had a VERY old map. There are more trails than were showing on my brochure obviously. I also discovered Lake Fayetteville is the home to multiple snakes. MULTIPLE SNAKES. I do NOT do snakes. I REALLY DO NOT DO SNAKES. I haven't decided if I will be going back to this park or not. TOO MANY SNAKES.

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