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Some answers

Well, part of my little "EMP" experience from yesterday has been explained! I continued to have very odd problems with my credit card this morning so I gave in and called the bank. For the second time in six months my debit/credit card has been canceled by the bank due to "skimming fraud."
Never heard of it?

Skimming is the theft of credit card information used in an otherwise legitimate transaction. It is typically an "inside job" by a dishonest employee of a legitimate merchant. The thief can procure a victim’s credit card number using basic methods such as photocopying receipts or more advanced methods such as using a small electronic device (skimmer) to swipe and store hundreds of victims’ credit card numbers. Common scenarios for skimming are restaurants or bars where the skimmer has possession of the victim's credit card out of their immediate view.The thief may also use a small keypad to unobtrusively transcribe the 3 or 4 digit Card Security Co…

I think I got hit by an EMP

EMP= electro-magnetic pulse. Capable of wiping out all electronically transmitted everything. As explained by me.

I think I broke the internet today. Or maybe I got hit by an


Let me explain.

I went to the store today for some fun summer clothes. At the check out my card couldn't be read. At all. I tried a different card. Nothing. I left (a little embarrassed) and went to an ATM. "Account cannot be accessed at this time." Huh?

Got in my car. Suddenly it won't start.

I grab my phone to twitter/call/facebook/vent to the world. It won't work.

Suddenly the car does work.

I drive up the road, go to another ATM. It doesn't work period. Can't even put my card in.

Got home, and suddenly couldn't access my email account.

I screamed and ate some ice cream, and everything was okay. Phone worked, bank worked, email worked.

Obviously, I was just walking around in my own extra powerful magnetic force today. I call it the Erin Magnetic Pulse.

My Right Brain Can Beat Up Your Left Brain

Left Brain= the logical, rational side of your brain, predictability and order, follows rules and proceduresRight Brain= the more creative, big picture, innovation, change, oriented side. Really hates being in a box.

Right Brain/ Left Brain QuizThe higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.Left Brain Dominance: (16)Right Brain Dominance: (16)Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
(Okay, so maybe there's no way my right brain could beat up your left brain. It was just a dumb joke anyway.)
How to Tap Into Right Brain Thinking (yes, sorry, I am linking to an Oprah article. Like her or hate her, she does attract some of the best thought leaders on to her show!)
With the drama of getting me packed and moved across the country, and now the drama of getting my mother packed and moved out of the country, it is time for me to start thinking about me …

Inshallah (or something like that)

God willing and the creek don't rise, my mother will be leaving in less than 12 hours to go join my dad in their new home In a Land Far Far Away. (Since I'm forbidden from disclosing their whereabouts (yes, I know I've said it twice already on Facebook today, and then went back and deleted it) we'll call their new foreign home In a Land Far Far Away.) We've had quite the range of emotions and experiences for the past 2 weeks getting her ready to leave. On Saturday we got the word that her diplomatic passport had not been approved and she wouldn't be going. (We also got the word that my dad's top secret clearance hadn't been approved because apparently he once lived in Russia. Not only has he never been to Russia, but they approve people for clearances all the time that have been to Russia! Never fear, this is now being fixed. But let's just say we're all rather tired and yet amused by the antics of the federal bureaucrazy. I accidentally typed &…

Happiness in the Single Journey

***The following is a work in progress for professional publication.*** Happiness in the Single Journey “Being a mother is the greatest job on Earth.” “Someday you will find someone to love you as much as my spouse and I love each other.” “Why aren’t you married yet?” “Family is the most important institution.” These seemingly simple and oft repeated phrases can be painful and heartbreaking to an unmarried or single member of the Church. Questions of “Why am I still single?” “Why doesn’t anyone love me?” “Why does he get to be married and not me?” “How can she be married twice and I still haven’t found one husband?” “I’ve prayed for it and I’m a good person, so why hasn’t the Lord sent me an eternal companion?” “How am I ever supposed to fit in at church when it is all about families, and I don’t have one?” “Why should I have to sit through another lesson about parenting when I’ll probably never be a parent myself?” “What is the point of going to a ward activity geared towards child…

One more reason to love her

One of the best, most heartfelt, and honest blog posts by TRS is up and running today. A great testament to staying true to who you are and what you believe in, and not dumping those beliefs just to be with a man. Go read it!

The State of My World Today

I haven't really told you all what my big picture situation is, have I? Let's see if I can explain. In numberical lists, because I like lists.
1. I'm unemployed and job-hunting. Unless I want to work in fast food, (and I don't) I will most likely not be finding my next job in Roanoke. So my options are open and I'm looking around in various cities. DC and SLC are on the top of that list. But I'm open to just about anything. It is all about finding the right job, not just finding a job.
2. I'm in Roanoke, VA, which is about 4 hours south of DC. Roanoke is where the bulk of my extended family lives. I was not raised here, nor have I ever called it home before. But it is where my parents currently live.
3. My parents actually don't live here anymore. My dad has already moved out of the country, and my mother leaves to join him next week.
4. I came here for the time-being to try and be a help to my mother while she packs and prepares to leave. Am I of any …

Another day, another chance to write

So again, just in case we aren't Facebook, Linkup, or Twitter friends, (where I apologize if you are getting inundated with my promotions of me) here's the link to another article I wrote this week!

This time- Mormons, Arkansas and Polygamy!

Little K's Big Day

Being back in Roanoke means being right back in the middle of all things family- and I couldn't be happier! I had hardly been in town one night yet when my cousin, Special K, called and invited me to her daughter's, Little K's, birthday party. As with all good 10 year old girl's parties, it began with a slumber party with her girlfriends, included a trip to a water park, and culminated in a trip to the mall. Her special present was a surprise to her- getting her ears pierced.

I conveniently skipped the slumber party portion of the party, but I did get this summary of it, "We got SOME sleep. We went to sleep around 2 a.m.... maybe." This was said with numerous giggles, so one cannot be truly sure. The water park portion of the day was a lot of fun. In spite of 30 SPF we all got some serious color. Special K and Little K will be feeling their redness for a few days I am sure. Thankfully, I only got browner, but my face did get a little pinker. And frecklier. Wh…

Manute Bol

That 7 foot 7 inch man behind me is the incredible Manute Bol. This picture was taken (a very very long time ago) when I was an intern on Capitol Hill. (That would be the Congressman I worked for also in the picture. He's probably 6 ft as it is- notice how I don't even come to his shoulder!) Manute Bol was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers at the time, and was lobbying on the Hill regarding issues in the Sudan. Meeting him resonated with me, and I followed his career and issues for many years after that. I was very sorry to hear he passed away this week.
Something interesting I learned about him was that all the money and glory of the NBA never went to his head. He sent the bulk of his earnings back to take care of others in the Sudan. He never missed a chance to educate people on the situations in the Sudan. He was truly a very good man.
On the lighter side, I can still remember shaking his hand. I am a mere 5 ft 3. He is 24 inches taller than me! When I shook his hand I re…

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad that I didn't get to talk to today. He of the ever-changing license plates, lover of music (as long as it isn't country), passionate politician, constant learner, gospel student, and the really cute grandkids. Thanks for all of the patience and help, particularly this past year. And especially thank you for all you did to help me go to Haiti.

New life, new town

I've arrived at my new life in Roanoke, VA. Half my belongings are in a storage unit in Arkansas, half of them are overwhelming my car. For the moment I am EXHAUSTED from packing and moving, and then making the 16 hour trip solo with a dog. (It turned out to be more of an 18 hr trip, thanks to pit stops and the need for a 3 am nap.)
Now... to figure out what comes next. I've been getting the inevitable, "So what are you going to do?" question - a lot! The answer is, I HAVE NO IDEA! But I'm working on it.
I have a few little irons in the fire. Things are going to be very different this time around. I just can't say how and when or where yet! Stay tuned! Life in progress!

Sometimes I think Chuck Norris would make a better POTUS

I think this will be one of the few times I put up a clip of Obama. (I just don't find him inspiring or charismatic enough to repeat him. Ever.) But this one was just too good. I love the Lolly Pop Guild at the end.
Also, I find it totally unclassy that in a public interview the POTUS sais "ass to kick." Seriously, I have a hard time with that guy being a role model and world leader. Think it, just don't say it.

Published Twice in One Day!

Much to my surprise I got published twice today! I am also beginning to write for the Examiner on the LDS religion. This will not be a point-of-view column, but instead more of a news oriented, factual, no bias article situation. And the more views I get, the more money I make! So click away! Pretty please!
(and if we are already friends on Facebook and Twitter and Linkup and you are getting this for the third time- sorry!)

A Single Thought - again!

I've started writing my old column, "A Single Thought," for Meridian Magazine again! Way back when - 5 years ago- when I stopped writing it, I was co-writing it with Juli. But this time I'm taking a different angle and writing it solo. And I am hoping for a LOT of audience participation! Please come check it out!

All Things Subject to Change Without Prior Notification

As you may have noticed, things are changing fast and furiously around here. I would love to update you on all that is happening, but I imagine by the time you read it, something would have changed again.
On Saturday morning I put my apartment up on Craigslist. I had a few responses fairly quickly- including one from a former co-worker who had no idea she was replying to my ad! Long story short, she's on a business trip this week, but her stuff is moving into my house today!
As soon as I can get all of my stuff packed, sold, and into storage, I'm out of here. I'm on my way back to VA. There are much more fun and exciting details about job interviews and major career changes I can't really share with the blogosphere quite yet.  But ask me personally, and I'll be happy to share!
Until then I'm dreading packing all over again (this time I won't have Juli here to make it all happen!). Thankfully a good portion of my stuff is still in boxes. I never had the hea…

Oh Yeah

I just figured out how to put the Facebook Like button on my blog all by myself. Not too shabby for a girl who doesn't know much HTML!
Feel free to click it just so I can feel cool!

Bad News in a Fortune Cookie Part 2

So you may be wondering what kind of bad omen the empty fortune cookie brought?
Well, let's put it this way. I'm unemployed again. I'm not going to waste my time explaining what all happened, the mistakes, the misunderstandings, etc. Just trust me when I say this- it is all for the best. I am so much happier now. No more crying in the parking lot before work. No more depression. The little black rain cloud is gone. As soon as I heard the words "we're letting you go," I did cartwheels in my head.
So what comes next? I have no idea. But there are good things happening already. I'm making plans to leave Arkansas in the near future. Where am I going? No idea. But I'll probably get there in about 2 weeks. Until then I need to go spend some more quality time out at the pool with a good book.

Fortune Cookie

A few days ago I was at lunch with co-workers in a Chinese buffet. When the traditional cracking open of the fortune cookies came, mine was empty. The others all had thoughtful little quips and quotes about their futures. Mine was empty. We all determined that that was just a very bad omen.

Today I opened up a fortune cookie and found the following-
"You will soon be crossing warm water for a hot vacation." Please, fortune cookie gods, be right!

When You Move Beyond Your Fear, You Feel Free

I never forget the people who make me feel bad about  myself. The people who make accusations, insults, or rude remarks. Especially not the people who do it publicly and embarrass me. Not only do I not forget them, they haunt me. I struggle to forgive them, and often do. But the sting and the pain still last. I spend way too much time remembering how they hurt me, wishing I could go back in time and say just the right thing. Say the thing that proves them wrong, or makes them feel equally bad.
How often do I want justice when I have been wronged? Will I ever actually get it? I want so badly to prove them wrong, show them I'm not what they said. I want to show them who I really am, or maybe just who it is I want to be.
And then I read these two lines in "Who Moved My Cheese?"
"The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese."
"When you move beyond your fear, you feel free."
These were not earth shattering concepts. I know that I h…

A Flirt I Am Not

Tonight I flirted with a guy in the apartment complex clubhouse. He's probably 10-15 years younger than me, and most likely gay*, but he always flirts with me, so I flirt back.
It was a good, healthy flirting session.
And then I realized my zipper was ALL.THE.WAY.DOWN. the entire time.
Go me.

*based upon the fact that he flirts, but does not check girls out, and he was watching a Kathy Griffin special on Bravo, sang along to Glee, and wears skinny jeans.

Welcome to Tornado Alley

8:30 am view from my office window.

Who Moved My Cheese?

About 10 years after everyone else read "Who Moved My Cheese?," I got around to reading it this weekend. I LOVED IT.
If you are not familiar with it already, it is (at its' most watered down point) about preparing for and accepting change in your life. Or learning to accept and handle when you don't get what you want in life.
I've had to accept and just deal with a LOT of changes in the past few years. Some I have handled with far more graces than others. Actually, let's put that the other way around. Most I have handled with far less grace than others.
This book really opened my eyes as to how I was reacting to life. And it wasn't all just about my professional life. I realized I could apply it to my dating life and other aspects of my personal life as well.
For even the slowest of readers, this book can be read and digested in under an hour. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it!
(I have also read one of the author's other books, …

Blog Updates

I am under the impression most of my blog readers probably read my blog via a blog reader, and not directly on the site. For those of you who haven't been to the actual site recently, you haven't seen a lot of my new updates.
You may have noticed there is a new background, new header, new layout, and more importantly, new ads! There is also a new feature where you can rate a post, or share your feelings about it. I love feedback, so I hope you'll use this feature!
As I try out these new ad features, I'd like to know if you see anything inappropriate. If you see an ad for something you are fairly certain I wouldn't want to be associated with, please let me know!

Trust and Checkmate

Trust- it is a tricky, tricky word. The balance of who to trust, when to trust, and when to open up and allow yourself to trust. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending mousetrap that you just can't beat.
I have brought this subject up here before. How much has pop culture changed our views on trust and honesty? Have we been so altered by pop culture (believing all major conflicts can be solved in 30 minutes or less, and with a laugh and a hug at the end, all love must involve sex, and passion is always an excuse to get what we want) that we no longer have a reason to trust others?
Did that make any sense? Hang on, I'm getting to my point.
Tonight as I got into a strange little argument about trust with a friend, I found myself wondering what the purpose of trust is. We (and by we, I tend to mean Generation X) see trust as a chess game. I make a move, you make a move, and either we earn each other's confidence with our strategy, or we catch each other in a checkmate, never…

The No TV Challenge Continues

Tonight as I sat down with three books to read it hit me, "The No TV Challenge is working."

It has now been just a few days short of two months of living in Arkansas. Which means it has been two months that I have been living without real TV access. I have a television (a lovely 32" Philips LED), and a Blu Ray player, but no antenna or cable. I haven't sworn off watching ALL TV. In fact, I watch quite a bit on Hulu or other online outlets.

At first I was watching just as much TV as I used to, but I was watching it all online. But this has slowly but surely changed. Now I only watch my shows once or twice a week, when I sit down to watch all of them at once.

So have there been any other major changes? YES!

I am a pop culture junkie, so reducing my exposure to pop culture was painful at first. With my job I am online all day, every day. When I get home at night the last thing I want is to spend that much more time staring at a computer, so I'm not getting my pop …

Sweet Pea

Meet the new kitten. She says hi.

Help Me Pick!

I won a blog contest over at (NO) Sex in the City today. My prize is a bathing suit from Shabby Apple Swimwear. And I can't decide which to get!

It is really hard to tell what these suits would look like on me, or how they would fit. The model is, shall we say, not anywhere near as endowed as I am in the chest, hips, or butt regions. I really like the red and white striped one, but she's so flat chested she doesn't fill out the suit. It makes me wonder if I would look obscene in it, or if it has any support.

But I love them all. And I love input!

Wordless Wednesday


Seeking Creative Inspiration

Today I set off with one goal in mind- to be inspired. I was desperate for some creative infusion, some inspiration, some color, and some feeling. So I headed off to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to see what I could see. I had done minimal research on the town, other than to discover it doesn't have hot springs or mineral springs. It is natural springs that you used to be able to drink. And that while it is gay and family friendly, it isn't dog friendly. So I left my dog behind, and struck out alone. 
Here are a few of the scenes that I found that inspired me. 
Upon arriving in town I just drove around and found myself following the signs to "East Mountain Overlook." This was the scene I found. (Have I mentioned Arkansas is green and more green?) After spotting the beautiful hotel across the hills, I had to go find it. It is the Crescent Hotel and is built in true Southern Victorian style. I loved it! The staff were incredibly kind and attentive- and I wasn't even a gue…