Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I think I got hit by an EMP

EMP= electro-magnetic pulse. Capable of wiping out all electronically transmitted everything. As explained by me.

I think I broke the internet today. Or maybe I got hit by an


Let me explain.

I went to the store today for some fun summer clothes. At the check out my card couldn't be read. At all. I tried a different card. Nothing. I left (a little embarrassed) and went to an ATM. "Account cannot be accessed at this time." Huh?

Got in my car. Suddenly it won't start.

I grab my phone to twitter/call/facebook/vent to the world. It won't work.

Suddenly the car does work.

I drive up the road, go to another ATM. It doesn't work period. Can't even put my card in.

Got home, and suddenly couldn't access my email account.

I screamed and ate some ice cream, and everything was okay. Phone worked, bank worked, email worked.

Obviously, I was just walking around in my own extra powerful magnetic force today. I call it the Erin Magnetic Pulse.

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  1. LOL Hang in there, dear! I just love how ice cream can suddenly make it all better. It's like the "boo-boo kiss" from Mom when we were little.


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