Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inshallah (or something like that)

God willing and the creek don't rise, my mother will be leaving in less than 12 hours to go join my dad in their new home In a Land Far Far Away. (Since I'm forbidden from disclosing their whereabouts (yes, I know I've said it twice already on Facebook today, and then went back and deleted it) we'll call their new foreign home In a Land Far Far Away.) We've had quite the range of emotions and experiences for the past 2 weeks getting her ready to leave. On Saturday we got the word that her diplomatic passport had not been approved and she wouldn't be going. (We also got the word that my dad's top secret clearance hadn't been approved because apparently he once lived in Russia. Not only has he never been to Russia, but they approve people for clearances all the time that have been to Russia! Never fear, this is now being fixed. But let's just say we're all rather tired and yet amused by the antics of the federal bureaucrazy. I accidentally typed "bureaucrazy" instead of "bureaucracy" and decided it was too fitting to fix.) Back to my point, so on Saturday we thought she wouldn't be leaving for another month. So we stopped rushing and stressing. And then on Monday around 4 pm we found out she was going. We jumped through some hoops* and by the time most of you read this, she'll be on her way to a Land Far Far Aways.

*My sister Natalie, begetter of my cute nephews, and I were on the phone today discussing the situation. Natalie said, "I can't believe the hoops she has to jump through!" Her son overheard her and asked, "What kind of hoops? Mom! What kind of hoops does Nana have to jump through?" He thought there were actual hoops somewhere.

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