Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little K's Big Day

Being back in Roanoke means being right back in the middle of all things family- and I couldn't be happier! I had hardly been in town one night yet when my cousin, Special K, called and invited me to her daughter's, Little K's, birthday party. As with all good 10 year old girl's parties, it began with a slumber party with her girlfriends, included a trip to a water park, and culminated in a trip to the mall. Her special present was a surprise to her- getting her ears pierced.

I conveniently skipped the slumber party portion of the party, but I did get this summary of it, "We got SOME sleep. We went to sleep around 2 a.m.... maybe." This was said with numerous giggles, so one cannot be truly sure. The water park portion of the day was a lot of fun. In spite of 30 SPF we all got some serious color. Special K and Little K will be feeling their redness for a few days I am sure. Thankfully, I only got browner, but my face did get a little pinker. And frecklier. Which is totally a word, because spellcheck didn't stop it.

On to the mall with 3 ten year old girls, and 2 rather silly grown up girls. Have I mentioned that Special K and I were built-in playmates growing up? And college roommates? And have a tendency to truly be ourselves together? Our mothers do not approve. We don't really care, such is the hallmark of our friendship.

So back to the mall. Little K didn't know she was going to get her ears pierced. We just roamed the mall as only women with cash in their pockets can do, and conveniently ended up in Claire's. I have pierced my ears before in life, but one ear had closed up (because I rarely wear earrings, because I'm allergic to cheap earrings). So I had decided to get my ears pierced again with her. Little did we expect that in spite of begging and wanting to get her ears pierced (like all little girls do at some point), she would chicken out when it was offered to her!

I went first, in hopes of showing her that it wouldn't hurt and how fast and easy it is. Funny thing, it really doesn't hurt at all to re-pierce an ear! This wasn't good enough for Little K. So we left so she could think about it, and then came back later.

Try #2- Little K contemplates the situation!
She's not so sure about it. There are some tears. She watches a little 3 year old get her ears pierced. The little girl doesn't cry, flinch, or wince. Little K is still not convinced. Due to a little snafu involving her mother's legal identity, there is a hold up.

Try #3- Success!

There are a few tears and she admits she's just crying because she's all wound up, but that it doesn't hurt.
Suddenly, we see smiles!

Showing off our matching fake diamond, allergy safe, crystalline daisy earrings. And our sunburns.  (Sidenote, I am still in my bathing suit. And Little K was so sunburned her mom had to stop and get her a tank top to wear because her t-shirt was hurting her shoulders! Poor kid!)

It is fun to be back with cousins!!

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  1. Life will not be as simple as it used to be. Now Kiersten will have to take care of her earlobes, keep track of earrings, develop a collection of earring backs to make up for the ones that will get lost, be careful when pulling a shirt onto or off her head, be aware of where the cotton balls and peroxide or alcohol are, and begin a lifetime of analyzing and longing for some jewelry. Such a weighty matter is putting holes in one's ears.


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