Thursday, June 24, 2010

The State of My World Today

I haven't really told you all what my big picture situation is, have I? Let's see if I can explain. In numberical lists, because I like lists.
1. I'm unemployed and job-hunting. Unless I want to work in fast food, (and I don't) I will most likely not be finding my next job in Roanoke. So my options are open and I'm looking around in various cities. DC and SLC are on the top of that list. But I'm open to just about anything. It is all about finding the right job, not just finding a job.
2. I'm in Roanoke, VA, which is about 4 hours south of DC. Roanoke is where the bulk of my extended family lives. I was not raised here, nor have I ever called it home before. But it is where my parents currently live.
3. My parents actually don't live here anymore. My dad has already moved out of the country, and my mother leaves to join him next week.
4. I came here for the time-being to try and be a help to my mother while she packs and prepares to leave. Am I of any help? I have no idea. But I'm here.
5. I don't actually intend to be here for long. My mother has suggested I not unpack my car. I unpacked it anyway. (Must find the root of the smell emanating from within!!)
6. I do plan to be up in DC over Fourth of July weekend. My trip is far from packed or well planned yet, so I'm open to invitations!!
7. I am applying for jobs in my typical theater of work (social media marketing and trade show planning), and looking around at my options for a career change. It isn't easy to make a major career change at this point in the game. But I'm entertaining options nonetheless. For instance, I would LOVE to teach marketing or business at the high school level. (I have NO desire to teach otherwise.) I really enjoyed my earlier working years where I was more of an office manager and travel scheduler. I wouldn't mind doing that again. I also wouldn't mind temping a few days a week, or working a steady part-time morning job, and focusing on writing gigs to fill out my income.
8. For those who have asked about my brother and his girlfriend, who have been deployed to Afghanistan for a few months, they should be flying back to the US tonight. (But then, we've been hearing that from them for over a week now. They left Bagram a while ago. They just haven't actually made it home yet.) I can't wait for them to get back and to see them again!
9. I'm itching to go to Kings Dominion. Anyone in VA game??
10. There is no #10. But a list stopping at 9 feels strange. Oh wait, I thought of one. I got my eyebrows threaded today. I had never tried it before. Verdict? WAY better than waxing! I loved it. Considerably less pain, over faster, and considerably cheaper. I'll go back.


  1. faster than waxing? i may have to try it.

  2. Ooh. I might be down for a King's Dominion day. I've never actually been yet, even after four years in DC!


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