Thursday, July 15, 2010

DC Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl from the City. She left the City to go try states with much smaller cities. But her hometown kept pulling her back and one day she found herself back in her City. She parked her car at Pentagon City and hopped on the Yellow Line. She was headed to 11th and K. At Chinatown she made a mistake and forgot to switch to the Red Line to Metro Center, and exited the building. Doh! So wearing 3 inch heels, and her favorite suit, she walked 8 blocks in 95 degree weather to her interview. Ay yi yi.
After the interview, she was smart enough to get back on the Metro at Metro Center. And just like she had been doing her entire life, she got on the Orange Line to Vienna. It was at Farragut West that it occurred to her she wasn't going home. She was going back to PC where her car was- off the Yellow and Blue lines. So at Rosslyn she switched trains to Blue, and took the long way back.
To add insult to injury (the injury being the blisters from walking so far in freaking tall heels) someone told her she had that "nice, homegrown, Utah/Midwest look," on a day she was trying very hard to look and feel like a DC Girl again. 
But two Metro mistakes in one day? She hadn't made a Metro mistake since she was in high school - if then! (Now don't get me wrong, she gets lost all the time when she comes back above ground and starts walking the wrong direction. But underground? Never!) She wasn't feeling much like a DC Girl. But after 2 positive job interviews, dinner with friends at her favorite place, hanging out with a cousin and an old roommate, and just being in her city again (even if it did take her nearly 40 minutes to drive from Pentagon City through Ballston to 66), she misses her home.
And can't wait till the right opportunities take her there. Whatever those opportunities may be!

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  1. I'm jealous. My reaction box should say "jealous". I really miss the metro. Which is weird.


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