Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Kings Dominion

Yesterday rocked! I got to spend the day at Kings Dominion with my cousin Karma and her family. The heat was a ridiculous 103 degrees, which I really wouldn't recommend for an amusement park. But it did keep the crowds away, which was nice! We rarely had to stand in a line for more than a few minutes, and we got to walk onto several rides. I used to go to KD at least once a season, but I haven't been in about 5 years I think. I was thrilled to see several new roller coasters I hadn't tried yet- the Dominator, the Volcano Blaster, the BackLot something or other, and the Intimidator 305. The BackLot whatever was down for the day, so I still haven't ridden that one. The Dominator is at the front of the park and quite a sight when you arrive. Naturally, we did that one first. And I LOVE IT. Definitely my new favorite ride. The Volcano Blaster rocked as well. I love "dangling feet" rides, and that one didn't disappoint. 
But the story of the day? Getting freaking stuck on the Intimidator 305!
Here's a quick clip of the ride- 

Now before anyone freaks- we got stuck in the absolute best possible place- the ONLY place on the entire ride where you aren't inverted, going down a steep hill, or in a cork screw. We got stuck right at the very end- in the video it is right about 1:20 I think. We were upright and right at the end. However, we were stuck in those seats for a good 20 minutes in the blazing hot sun. With not much more to think about than how we could have been stuck just 2 seconds before in a corkscrew. Or even 8 seconds before, hanging upside down in a corkscrew. Most memorable moment of that misery? Watching the dude with a toolbox show up to fix something. Nothing like being trapped in the fastest, highest roller coaster on the East Coast and a guy with a screwdriver shows up to fix the ride!
Oh and you'll notice in the video how the guy mentions "graying out." I regularly gray out on roller coasters. In fact, I'm proud of myself when I don't gray out on the Shockwave. If the ride goes upside down, I will likely pass out momentarily. But normally it only lasts for a split second or two, and I can shake it off quickly. No big deal! However, on the Intimidator? NOT SO MUCH. I grayed out longer and worse than I ever have before. I grayed out long enough to dream, and when I came to I wasn't quite sure how I got there. While we were stuck in our seats I talked to some others on the ride and found out I was not alone in graying out! Not fun! While the ride itself was a blast, I don't know that I will ride it again anytime soon. (especially if I have to stand in a line to do so. we were able to walk right on to it!)

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