Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Reading, Summer Fun

My summer of free time has allowed me to do a great deal more reading than usual. And I LOVE it!
Here's a list of the books I'm carrying about with me these days-
1. We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ - Neal A Maxwell-
I normally love his books. (There are more in the pile.) This one (as always)  has a great message and lesson to be learned. However, the very unusual format to the book is frustrating to me, and isn't that enjoyable to read. It is taking me forever to get through this otherwise easy to read book.
2. Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson
Did I mention yet that this would be a very eclectic reading list? "Little" and I are keeping our relationship alive and well by doing her summer reading together. I never read this one in school for some reason, so I'm reading it with her now. We both agree that the first 30 pages were brutal to get through and hard to understand. But I've finally hit a breaking point in it and am actually starting to really enjoy it. I need to check in with her (we love to Skype) and see where she's at in the book.
3. Book of Mormon Commentary I Nephi Wrote This Record - Monte Nyman
I haven't started it yet. It is 700 plus pages and is just sitting there, taunting me, every time I consider picking it up.
4. The Queen's Story- Marcus Kiggell and Denys Blakeway
What can I say, I'm just another American girl in love with the British Royal Family. A biography of Queen Elizabeth. (Haven't started it yet.)
5. Believing Christ- Stephen Robinson
6. State of Fear- Michael Crichton
7. The Eyre Affair- Jasper Fforde
8. Finding Peace, Happiness, and Joy- Richard G Scott
9. Of One Heart- Neal Maxwell
10. Meek and Lowly- Neal Maxwell
11. Faith Precedes the Miracle- Spencer Kimball (Interesting sidenote- most of the religious books I am linking to are going for less than $3 used on Amazon. This book, however, is in such demand that even used paperbacks are going for $27!)
12. The Great Communicator- Dick Wirthlin

Most of these books were rescued from my dad's library on their way to storage for 3 years. And are merely just the books within arm's reach right now. I'll be reading them in no particular order, other than to finish Treasure Island for Little's sake. I'm also looking to get a copy of Monique and the Mango Rains that has now been suggested to me twice.

If I keep up with my 2-3 books a week schedule I should be done in about 4-5 weeks, (well, then add one full week just to get through I Nephi on its own) which should pretty much fill my summer. Wouldn't it be nice if I could schedule it just right to get a job as soon as I run out books? Sadly, the unemployment coverage runs out in 3 weeks, so let's hope I don't get to finish all of the books!


  1. sounds like a good list of books. i have read "The Wednesday Letters" and "The Book Thief" recently. Both great reads.

  2. Dear Erin, I am sorry if I this is not the most appropriate place to write this, but I have been searching for some books written by your father Vearl G McBride here in Australia. I stumbled upon your blog by chance after considerable search, and was hoping to get in touch with you and ask for help in acquire some of your fathers books. I could not find your email and hence could not email you, if you could possibly email me I would be very very grateful.

  3. You should read The History of the Church by George Albert Smith. It contains some diary entries by Joseph Smith that are enlightening. I read through the Sunday entries to see what he did on Sundays first.

  4. Faith Precedes the Miracle is going for less than $8.00 used on Amazon and less than $5.00 on Google shopping.

  5. Sherpa- thanks. It appears my Amazon widget has failed me yet again. I think it is time to just delete the little bugger.


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