Saturday, July 24, 2010

We interrupt this theme week...

I'm a little surprised that something as personal as love and relationships is what brings the critics out of the woodwork. I can't believe the number of negative comments! How rude! People share their personal love stories and people criticize?? Seriously, grow up people.
(oh and i've deleted the worst of the critics, because those people don't need to be documented or remembered.)
I'm enjoying relationship week. It has given me a lot to think about. Mostly just that every person's love story is unique. There is no magic formula for love and happiness. No, this wasn't a news flash for me. I've always known it. But sometimes, it is just nice to have it hit you back over the head again. In fact, I'm going to share a few more love stories this week. And if we get any more ridiculously critical negative comments I am going to post Taylor Swift's ridiculously awful "Love Story" song and video to punish you all.
But it is going to have to wait a few days before I can focus in again. There's a lot going on here on the home front. I'm posting from a hospital room where I'm helping out my grandmother. I was about to say it is hard to think about love and relationships when you are in a hospital surrounded by the constant noise and sickness. But actually, it is something that is very easy to think about. I'm acutely aware of the love of family and friends. I've thought a lot about how much my grandmother misses my grandfather who passed away 7 months ago. How much we love her and want to keep her here, and yet want to release her to be with her husband of 65+ years again. It takes a lot of love to make it that many years.


  1. It sounds like your greatest love story comes from your grandparents.

  2. OH no!!! I can imagine my story probably wasn't well received. I was being a bit silly in my post and glossing over my stupidity. But the point I was trying to drive across is you can royally screw up and still deserve to have the most wonderful person love and marry you. Maybe I need to write a followup post and explain how lovely my life is. I am married to a generous and loving man. He is an amazing father to our sons. We have a rather nice life. I feel so bad that people didn't understand my story is good one. And I think if they could be a fly on the wall in my house they wouldn't find it depressing.

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I wrote the first comment after Steph's post that I never want to get married after this week. I think some people misunderstand that different people have different desires. Some people don't desire the responsibility that comes with being attached and feel loved enough by other people in their lives. It is frustrating that married people can't accept that and keep pushing relationships on us.

  4. Not everyone needs relationships, yeah, annonymous. But why be mean to those that like them.

  5. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Kipluck -
    Why do you assume I'm being mean? I thought Erin was exploring how she felt with this experiment. Reading the stories helped me realized that I don't want a relationship.
    Giving Erin feedback on my reactions to her posts is not being mean. It helps her determine what her readers like. She knows that understanding your audience is important in writing.

  6. erin - i hope your grandmother is doing better. these relationship posts have been very interesting, and quite entertaining. i would have loved to read the controversial comments. they usually make me laugh

  7. stacer5:59 PM

    I'm a little offended that you thought my comment was mean and/or rude and deleted it. I was sharing my own feelings from my point of view, and specifically prefaced it with how different people are. Whatever, Erin. I'm done reading here.

  8. stacer-
    i never saw a comment from you. i wouldn't delete a comment from someone who owns up to it and leaves their name.
    the comment i deleted was particularly offensive, used foul language, and is something i am quite certain you would never say!

  9. Where's Provoboy when we need him to "leave offended"? haha


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