Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little less talk and a lot more action

I've talked about this in the past, and I find myself faced with it again.
Unemployment Depression
I know there are crazy people out there who seem to think that unemployment is all parties, daytime TV, and free checks from the government. Clearly, they have never been unemployed against their will.
It is more a tangled web of money woes, broken dreams, constant disappointment, living under a microscope where you know everyone has an opinion about how you spend your money, constant criticism, and feeling overall like a failure. You know, the perfect formula for depression.
So here I am again, holding my breath so long I'm afraid I will turn blue, wondering WHAT NEXT?!
But I'm not giving in. I'm fighting back on this black hole that threatens to suck me in! And I'm asking you to help me. Share a happy thought with me. Tell me something good going on in your life. Share the good parts. My comments section is ready and waiting for you. Share away!


  1. Well, my house is really clean, which means I am ready for school next week when my kids are gone and it stays clean. Dave is further on the molding (on the 1/2 wall) and should get it capped off today or tomorrow. I feel like I can continue my projects and get things done. All good!

  2. I've been there so many times. With seizures, you never know when they are going to happen and how people will react. There is also a slew of unknown cognitive deficits that can impact your work. Most people don't understand.
    Keep your chin up. You are beautiful and smart and talented.
    I've started network dating. It is pretty awful to admit it, but the guys are super understanding. I have three dates this week. I'm sure they won't result in jobs, but it helps me keep my mind off the unemployment. Sometimes they give me ideas I wouldn't have thought of at all.

  3. Remember that time when we went to go see a movie and we ended up lending a helping hand to the lady in the wheelchair when it was pouring rain, and you were wearing your Pink High Heels of Sheer Awesome?

  4. Jules4:11 PM

    I just noticed a link to your article about J. Golden Kimball getting a building named after him at SVU, so I am going to share one of his stories, about a guy who got up in testimony meeting month after month, saying he'd been visited by a white angel that said the church was not true. The guy's bishop finally told him to go visit Brother Kimball--maybe J. Golden will have an answer for you.

    So the guy goes to Salt Lake and tells Brother Kimball all about the white angel. What did the general authority tell him? He said, "Next time you see that white angel, tell him I said to kiss my pink @$$." The next month the guy gets up in testimony meeting and says he told him exactly what Brother Kimball said and he hadn't seen the angel since.

  5. Try awkwardfamilyphotos.com for a good laugh (and a break). You won't be sorry.

  6. Anonymous8:45 PM

    You explained it perfectly... I'm in EXACTLY the same place as you right now. Wish I had something good/positive to tell you. I have a whole YouTube playlist that is probably even funnier than the awkwardfamilyphotos.com site. I'm going to follow you on Twitter (I'm NinaLee_CherryB). Your friend Misty D. tweeted this to me... ;)

  7. I get it. For the past few years I have been following your blog and I have emailed you a few times (my sister is the foster care mom if that helps). Anyway, just wanted to say I relate. In the years I have been reading your blog, I seem to follow a similar pattern...job hunt, moving, job shift, moving, job hunt. Most recent I "separated" from my current industry to find something more fulfilling in life (i.e. a balance and not all work and no play). I have been back in Utah looking. The only silver lining in 3 months was very good, promising interview last week. But have heard nothing.

    I just wanted to say I get it. While 24 hours of freedom sounds great, a higher paycheck, benefits, and fulfillment is better.

  8. Cary Mac Arthur12:53 AM

    Well, I started school this week--after a 20 year hiatus--So that is a happy thought! I can't say I've ever been in your exact shoes, but I do know how hard it is to stay out of that dark hole. I must also say that because you are so great with your words and because you choose to share them, you help tons and tons of people feel better about life. They know they can hang on just one more day. And they know that someone is there to understand and hold their hand. You will be blessed and I know there is a bright silver--No, GOLD--lining for you!


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