Thursday, August 05, 2010

Little Orphan Erin Annie (with the really big family)

The past few weeks have been full of days where I had overwhelming urges to break out singing, "TOMORROW, TOMORROW, I LOVE YA, TOMORROW, YOU'RE ONLY A DAAAAAY- AAAAA-WAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!"
However, since most of the time I've been in a very quiet hospital room when those urges have hit me, I have yet to serenade anyone, except the voices in my head.
Can you say stress?
Here's a tiny glimpse of what's going on-
Spending a LOT of time at the hospital and/or nursing home with my sick grandmother.
The normal life stuff going on- clean the house, buy food, walk dogs, pay bills, etc. 
The never-ending job hunt. 
My mother getting medevac’d to London for a (please try not to laugh) cat bite. She’s getting treated for (again, please try not to laugh) rabies. I came *this* close to flying to London to assist her. Sadly, she's doing just fine there without me.
Moving from the current relative’s house to another relative’s house this week.
Getting screwed over big time by a so-called friend for $3,300. 
Finding out same so-called friend left my cat to die by itself. Completely breaking my heart! Who does that?!
Three job interviews over the next 5 days!
My unemployment coverage runs out in 10 days. And still no word on if I qualify for the extension.
I know you all think my life is one big walking family reunion here in Roanoke (because, well, it is). But believe it or not, we’re actually having a real family reunion this weekend. So that isn’t stress, but that will be 3 very busy (and totally fun) days! Sadly, I don’t think this one involves donkey rides. But I’ll betcha bottom dollar there are banjoes.


  1. Whose house are you moving into? We'll be in Roanoke tomorrow (heh, tomorrow...). But not sure when we'll actually arrive, depends on when we leave here. Can't wait to see you!

  2. Erin, i'm sorry that everything has been in the crapper recently. It's no fun, no fair and not cool. So sorry!

  3. I intensely dislike cats, but I still wouldn't let someone's cat die! That's awful!

    I was asking people last night at the Governor's town hall meeting if they were hiring or if they knew anyone who was hiring. Sorry, no bites. I'll keep asking though.

    Maybe I'll see you this weekend. I don't plan on attending much, but I have to be at the Ferguson Reunion since I'm on the committee, sucks.

  4. What a horrible person! They just left your cat to die? Who does that?!?? I'm so sorry.


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