Friday, August 20, 2010

Product Review- AVIA iTone Toning Shoe

I've been dealing with a LOT of back pain recently. So bad so that I've spent nearly $200 at the chiropractor's in the last 2 weeks. We're talking, staying flat on my back, on the floor, popping Lortab, and icing like crazy, kind of back pain. And all for no apparent reason. There was no accident or incident that caused it.
After talking with my chiro this week he suggested I try better shoes, possibly the kind that are designed to take the pressure off of the lower back. I'm unemployed, out of unemployment coverage, and totally broke. So the idea of spending $100 on tennis shoes (especially when I rarely wear them) didn't appeal to me.
But then yesterday I just happened to be passing a shoe store with a sale going on. So I pulled in and checked out the 5 different lines of "toning" shoes they carry. Reebok, Skechers, Easy Spirit, and some other brands all have the new toning shoes. The Avias were brand new, and therefore a little bit cheaper. So I tried them on, and all of the other brands, and found no difference between the brands. But more importantly, the shoes were incredibly comfortable.
They are a little bit heavy - 2 lbs! And they are shaped quite differently from your average running shoe. But as for relieving the pressure on my lower back? Worked PERFECTLY. In fact, I bought socks there in the store just so I could wear the shoes out of the store!
If you are not yet familiar with "toning" shoes, the concept is that these differently shaped soles force the user to walk/run/stand in a slightly different manner than before. This uses different muscles, and therefore tones your muscles in new ways. Some brands promise that their shoe will tone your buttocks and give you shapelier legs. Does it? Possibly.
Just 2 days into wearing them and I can tell you that my legs were tired. The shoes do most definitely work different muscles than I am used to. They were a tiny bit awkward at first, but I got over that quickly. And just 2 days into wearing them, I have NO lower back pain. (Thanks also in large part to some serious efforts by the chiro as well.)
As a result, I'm rather in love with my shoes, and will go out of my way to wear tennis shoes now.
Oh and bonus- I had been prepared to pay the $79 on the box. I was thrilled at the check out when I discovered there was a back to school sale going on, and I got $20 off. You however, can buy them even cheaper using my lovely little widget right here-


  1. I bought the Skecher's slip on's and they are so extremely comfortable!

  2. Although I LOVE my vicodin, I may have to try these. My back is constantly hurting and I may have to suffer through wearing socks to try them.

  3. It would take a lot for me to endorse these. I hate tennis shoes... I hate shopping for them and I hate how they look.
    I am suspicious of these alternative shoes... whether they are good for the wearer.

    But since I won't try them, I'll have to believe your report.


  4. Anonymous2:32 AM

    I have read some disparaging remarks about the instability of this type of shoe. However, your report has sparked my interest! I think I will be checking out new walking shoes.

  5. I recently got some Tenevis Footwear toning shoes that are amazing. Who woulda thunked that toning shoes actually help take pressure off your joints and back. My bad knee doesn't even hurt after hours of walking in these shoes.

  6. I've been tempted to try these, but I work at a university and need my footwear to be a little more refined than gym shoes...I look for something with a really great arch support and lots of room in the toe-box, but these look like they're worth a try for weekends! Glad they're helping you!


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