Monday, August 30, 2010


A few shout-outs, reminders, and things to think about!

Remember a few weeks ago when I issued the $30 Date Challenge on Meridian? Well, I could use a few more participants!! Please go check it out and consider participating! Pretty please!

Now for some shout-outs-
Go check out "We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ" (my friend Jocelyn's blog) and her current giveaway.
Did you know Mindy Gledhill's new album, Anchor, is out? I love her new sound! So far my two favorite songs are "Anchor," and "All About Your Heart." But to be honest, I have a new favorite Mindy song every week.
Today is Due West's radio release of "Bible and the Belt!" If you are a country music fan, you really have to check this song out. As you know, I've been a Due Westie for about 5 years now. Bible and the Belt is my third favorite Due West song. (They haven't released my first 2 favorite songs- yet.) Go check out and song and request it on your local radio station!!
Remember my other blog? Cutting Back and Going Green? It needs some love- and some readers!
Got a blog that needs some love and attention? I'm happy to give shout-outs!


  1. If we participate in the Meridian challenge is our date going to be published? I date a guy for fun and he was broke. He didn't want to take me out because he didn't have much money to spend. I still wanted to hang out so I picked a free activity. We went to the NRA museum, stopped for a smoothie and walked through Nottoway park's fitness trail. He spent $9.49. I didn't take pictures. Not sure I want my dating life online. But if you want, you can use that as an example of an inexpensive, fun date.

  2. I think you completely missed the point. I'm not looking for cheap dates. Or even for people to rehash their dates. I'm looking for people to talk about overcoming their issues with not enjoying dating anymore.


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