Monday, August 30, 2010

Who says life is boring?

Let me tell you about my day-
First, I woke up to find my arms and legs covered in spider bites. The house has a serious spider problem and apparently it has now moved into my room. This does not please me. (A few hours later I discovered my dog also has several spider bites all over her.) Benadryl to the rescue!
I dragged myself out of bed to discover the worst smell ever had permeated the house. As you may know, I have the worst sense of smell EVER. So for me to wake up and notice a wretched smell is pretty significant. I set off to find the source of the gag inducing smell.
My first clue was the black cloud of fruit flies in the kitchen. I've been gone for 4 days so I worried it was something I had left out. But the flies seemed to be congregating over both the sink and in a corner. In the corner I found a big bucket of rotting onions. DISGUSTING. Before taking it outside I stopped to poor a ton of bleach down the kitchen sink. And I put on my shoes, as I had plans to walk the dog after taking out the trash. (I have since also created the ultimate fruit fly trap. Upon last inspection there were literally hundreds of flies in there.)
So I grabbed the trash and the onions, and opened the door. I took extra caution to keep the door from shutting completely, but somehow the wind caught it and shut it anyway! Locking me out of the house! So I was stuck outside with the dog in blazing hot heat. Thankfully I had my phone on me, so I called my sister to come rescue me. She came over to help me break in, but we failed. So she drove around town to my relatives in search of a spare key.
In the meantime, I mowed the yard in my brand new tennis shoes. Ay yi yi. And then I found a snake in the backyard. Do you know how much I hate snakes?!?!?!
But hey, for the first time in about 15 years I mowed a yard. And I think I deserve a medal for that. (Again, Benadryl to the rescue!)
My sister came back with a key and rescued me.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country at nearly the same exact time, my other sister, Natalie found herself locked out of her house! But her story is much more interesting. In her case, she came home to find her house full of smoke! She called 911, but managed to get in her house before they got there. Apparently her kids (not at home at the time) had turned on a burner under last night's dinner a few hours previous. Nats got her dog safely out, and got the offending food out as well, before the fire truck arrived. She still got the full firefighter treatment, including a chief inspector, checking out the house and calling it good. The inspector felt the need to really chastise her kids, but since only her 5 year old was home, Sweet P got the lecture solo.
A crazy day for the McBride Sisters to say the least.
In other news, there's little things like client consultations, hurricanes and beach trips, guest writing, new novels, and so much more going on. Life is never boring around here!

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