Monday, September 06, 2010

31 Days of Charity and Service

Friends, I'd like to invite you to join me for 31 Days of Charity and Service in October.
During the month of October I will be doing one act of service or charity each day. I've given myself a few rules, such as donating $5 to a homeless person counts, as does feeding my sister's lizard. But I'm hoping to do more than that. I'm hoping to find a different way every day for 31 days to serve other people.
And I'd like to ask you to help me. Will you pick a day and perform an act of charity on my behalf? You won't have to blog about it, unless you want to. (And I'd love it if you did.) Just pick a day in October, and perform an act of charity or service in whatever way you wish. I'll be adding a toolbar along the side of my blog for the next few months so that you can see who is doing what which days.
Please, if you are interested in helping me, let me know!
Wouldn't it be amazing if we could get 31 acts of charity and service??


  1. I guess I missed this post since I'm on vacation, but I'd love to join you!! And have my kids help. Since we'll be home schooling, I'll try to think of a way to incorporate this into our studies. But this will probably be more difficult for me than my children, since I dislike being around other people much more than they do ;)

    Any other rules? Or will those be coming as the time gets closer?

  2. OH, I'll do October 15th, since thaz, my Birthday!

  3. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Sisty Ugler Here,

    I volunteer every Tuesday in my son's class room for 2 1/2 hrs. Does this count? Or should I go beyond the norm? I am about to start volunteering at the hospital 16 hrs a week. Does this count? Maybe not, because it is required of me for my college classes. Does cleaning out my closet and donating to Boys and Girls club count? Nah, that is lame, it is pretty much like them being my garbage receptical. Ah, I know. I could replace my neighbors fence that my dog tore up. Nah, that is probably my responsibility, I have to do that one. I've got it! I will take a lunch to the firemen that came to my house the other day. Whew! That was hard to think of.


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