Monday, September 13, 2010

31 Days of Charity and Service

I am so happy that I've had 4 people pick days to do an act of service and charity in October! I hope there are more people out there that will help out!
As I said before, during the 31 Days of Charity and Service I am asking my friends and readers to sign up for one day during October to do an act of service/charity. For the days that no one signs up, I will do something. I am prepared to do something every day. But I am hoping that you will all rise to the occasion and do a day for me!
Why am I doing this? Well, why not? Why not make a commitment to make good things happy every single day for a month? So many wonderful things have happened to me over the past year thanks to other people's acts of kindness and charity. I want to give back and do my part to help others. And this is the best way I can really think of to "pay it forward" and help others.
When I first had this idea I was going to do it all by myself. And I still am planning on doing something every day. But then I thought, how great would it be to make multiple acts of service to happen? Not just me and my actions?
So I hope you will join me and volunteer to do one act of service or kindness during the month of October. Take a look at the sidebar here and pick day, then leave a comment below with the day that you want to do something. I will remind me when the time comes that it is your special day. And if any of you want to send me pictures of your act of charity, or want to write something for me when you do it, that would be great. But it is certainly not required!  (But do expect that the majority of my posts in October will all be about service!)

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  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    What a great idea... thanks!
    Can my family please have Sat. Oct. 16?
    Thank you,
    Karen E.


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