Friday, September 03, 2010


Mindy Gledhill's new single "Anchor"

Home- the place where you belong. A place that is familiar and comfortable. The place where your shoes have a spot, and you know where your favorite sweatshirt is hiding. A place that you love and you fit in.

It hit me hard this morning as I was packing to leave my cousin's house at the beach that I don't have a "home." I have a place where I am grateful to be staying. But it isn't my home. My belongings are in boxes in storage in another state, some of my belongings are packed in the back of a non-working truck (for safekeeping, believe it or not), some are in the basement of a house, and very little of them are with me. The only things with me are my clothes that are kept in big Tupperware bins. They are not unpacked and hanging in closets. Why? Because it is someone else's home, and my stuff doesn't belong there.
I am grateful for the place where I am staying. It is truly kind and generous of others to allow me to stay there. But it isn't home. I doubt it will be for a very long time.
I miss belonging. I miss knowing where to put my shoes. I miss seeing my books on the shelves and knowing where the dishes go.
So why did I pick the song, "Anchor" today? And not maybe something more painful and obvious like Michael Buble's, "Home?" Because as much as I love my Buble Wuble, and that song, it is sad. Whereas, "Anchor," Mindy Gledhill's awesome new single, is what I want. It is optimistic and describes what I am looking for- I just haven't found it yet (which ironically is another Michael Buble song)!


  1. Be of good cheer. You can do this!
    I love this song!!!

  2. This is a beautiful song! I've listened to it about a dozen times since you first posted it.


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