Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I am me.

I have been creating this list of things that I know to be me.

I am happiest by the water.
I feel far more creative by the water or on top of a mountain.
I love spaghetti. Especially when it is made in authentic Italian style.
I can unleash writer's block with a fresh new notebook and a pretty blue ink pen. I write almost everything out by hand before I type it.
I am a vivid dreamer. There are nights I can't wait to fall asleep because I know there are amazing things waiting for me. And there are nights I intentionally take sleeping pills because I'd rather not "give birth to airplanes." (Yes, that was a recurring dream of mine. I'd wake up terrified of how exactly I was supposed to push an airplane out in child birth.)
I really hate sitting in the back seat of most cars. Very rarely do I find a driver that doesn't drive me crazy! (no pun intended)
I prefer high brow or nerdy humor over potty humor every day.
I value my creative and alone time.
I can't help but mentally redecorate a room from the minute I walk in.
I adore small children, but really do prefer the company of teenagers.
I hate people who get all self-righteous on a cause, and think their point of view is superior to others, and therefore right. Nothing will turn me off faster!
I love dimples.
I'd rather live in a second or third world country near the equator, than any civilized place in the US.
I want to join the Peace Corps.
I'm going to write another novel. And then once I sell it, I really am going to join the Peace Corps.
I love going to movies and reading books, just to see how someone else would describe or portray a situation.
I love huge sporting events.
I love live music- even for styles of music that I don't normally listen to.
I have an incredibly active imagination. And I love it.
I prefer sunny locales.
I don't just like camping. I LOVE camping.
I love sunrises, but not enough to try and see them more often!
I can spend hours staring at the stars. I once stayed up all night trying to count the stars.
I don't just like cheese. I LOVE cheese. No matter how tight my funds are I spend a little something on fancy cheese. (This week I'm trying Spanish Drunken Goat. I like it!)
I don't have a very good sense of smell and I'm okay with that.
I really don't care for swimming.
I have been boy crazy since I was 10 years old.
The longest I have gone without a crush on a male since I was 10 years old is about 6 months (and counting).
I really like meeting new people.


  1.'re saying you've got your eye on someone? :) this is a great list. I love it all...especially the last one. I like that too...

  2. Jocelyn- Nope! The opposite. I'm going on 6 months now without having a crush on anyone.
    It's also been about 6 months since the last time I met anyone new!

  3. I can agree about cheese. I adore it, too.


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