Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a Little update

I can't tell you how much I miss this kid! For those of you new to the blog, the kiddo in these pictures is known to the blogosphere as "Little." Back so long ago in Utah (can you believe it has been 6 months since I left?) I volunteered with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah program. She was my Little Sister. Here on the blog we just like to call her 'Little.'
Little and I still keep in touch, but not nearly as much as I wish we could. She's a big fancy 8th grader now, with social commitments, a bass trombone, and a life. Just as soon as I have a paycheck, I'm buying her a cell phone just so we can talk more often! We do keep in touch via Skype, phone calls, and the occasional email.
A few months ago I got a gem of an email from her. I've been meaning to share it for a while. It basically went like this-
"have you seen those i heart boobies bracelets? i have one because they support breast cancer and my best friends mom died from breast cancer but now they don't support it anymore which i think is pretty stupid. now her dad has wienie cancer, so they don't care about breast cancer anymore. but I don't want to wear a bracelet that says, "I heart wienies." 
I love that kid. And I have this overwhelming urge to make silicon bracelets in a lovely baby blue that say, "i heart wienies" on them. And if I make a million bucks off doing it, I will spend it on sending Little to college. And I'll give some to the wienie cancer people. And the boobie cancer people too. 


  1. Wow I love you two!! She looks so young in these pics. We both miss you tonz. I miss having you around to hang out with her. I'm sorry I've been so bad about helping her contact you. It's mostly my fault because I'm never around to help her skype or let her use her email. Love you Big...actually, I thought you were little...

  2. What a sweet kid. And... I will help you market said "wienie" bracelets... for obvious reasons. ;-)

  3. Are we sure it's not.. I <3 testes?
    I know, I know... it doesn't have the same ring to it!!!


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