Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open mouth, insert words

Under most circumstances I would have to say that I am far better at writing than I have ever been at speaking. I tend to prefer to write what I need from others, rather than have to actually say it to them. I like being able to think it through slowly, edit myself, and make sure I say it just right.
That was until this week. More than a few times in the past week I have managed to cause serious confusion when the other party didn't understand what I was talking about. To make matters worse, they were all instances where I put a great deal of effort into wording things just right so as to ensure no mistakes.
On top of everything else I've come to realize just how much I hate and avoid confrontation. Oh and saying no. I really and truly suck at saying no.
Recently I've had to take some measures to eliminate a certain person from having too much access to me. This person's total lack of communication and writing skills has resulted in more than a few hurt feelings. But more than that, she is now avoided and ostracized by an otherwise open and loving group of friends.
So as I sit here wishing I was better at being more direct, I am doing my best to avoid speaking to the most direct person I know.
Go figure!
That all being said, it is time for a little self-promotion of my other writing gigs! (Where hopefully I expressed myself correctly!)
Meridian Magazine- Divorces, what to ask and when to divulge
Examiner- How to use social media in job hunting.


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. The great thing is that you know what to work on. Identifying the problem is the first step. Also, if someone is being ostracized by a group, they probably aren't all that open and loving.
    I enjoyed the examiner article. I didn't realize so many employers look at social media. I felt like it is a vast waste of time and closed out my facebook and twitter accounts.

  2. I disagree Melinda, just because they are being ostracized does not mean it is their fault. MANY people do not appreciate people being honest and open no matter how loving they go about it. It is more a problem that the rest of society has since no one knows how to deal with someone who is open and direct but might not have their words come out 'just right'.

  3. My fault. I used the pronoun they in reference to the group not the individual. If a group ostracizes someone, I don't view them as open, but exclusive. They may be loving, but I generally don't view ostracizing and loving as compatible.
    You are right, couplabz, this is a problem that many people work to overcome.


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