Friday, September 24, 2010

the trouble with a blog is

The trouble with a blog is that sometimes when you are frustrated, annoyed, sad, overwhelmed, or even exuberantly happy, that you want to share the details as to why. The problem being that sometimes you just can't for fear of hurting the wrong person, sending the wrong signal, or not being at liberty to be completely open about someone else's situation.
And so tonight I sit here under a self-imposed gag order trying so hard not to say what it is I want to say. So forgive me for not sharing any details, and only sharing my feelings.

If you hurt a child, you deserve to die. The end.
If I had treated someone as rudely as I have been treated recently, I would be surprised if I had any friends at all. And I sure as hell wouldn't expect politeness in return.
Sometimes you have to wonder how much heart break one heart can bear.

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