Friday, October 08, 2010

31 Days of Service - Day 8

Me and my favorite little 5 yr old cousin. Picture taken back in August (pre-bangs).

For today's good deed I hand-sewed a cute little purse/bag for my cousin. The little bag took less than 1 hour to make, which I sewed while watching TV one night, and cost less than $1.
I put some Halloween candy in it and delivered it to my favorite 5 yr old. She was thrilled with the candy, and ran around holding it and showing it off. She gave me a great big hug, sat in my lap, took my face in her hands, and said, "Erin Ann, what happened to your beautiful face?" Apparently, she doesn't approve of my new bangs/haircut. She also said thank you for the present. But seeing her run around and twirling with it was good enough for me!

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