Monday, October 11, 2010

Ay yi yi and then some

It is 2:40 am as I start this. I am WIDE AWAKE. I've given myself permission to just stay up and get some work and projects done, rather than fight this. I waste a lot of time in the middle of the night just sitting around, trying to convince myself I should go to sleep.
Have you ever had the kind of week where you thought, "If I do XYZ on Wednesday, I better plan to see the chiropractor on Thursday?" because you know you'll be in pain? This week is going to be a killer. Seriously, if you could see my schedule you would understand why I support reproductive cloning. From writing projects to marketing freelancing to a job interview in DC to preparing lessons for church, I'm going to be going crazy. And let's not forget I have my 31 Days of Service to do too!
Which reminds me, I did do something on Saturday (Day 9), but I didn't do anything of significance for Day 10. I was having a rough and busy day and just completely forgot. (I think busy Sundays should be illegal personally!) I sort of did something (wrote up a marketing plan for a friend), but it doesn't feel legit. So I'm sorry, Universe, I missed a day. Good thing there are no judges and this isn't a competition. Its just me wanting to do something for others. I promise to make up for it tomorrow. How and where I will find the time amongst the 5 million projects I have going on, I will never know. But I will do my best!

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