Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dear Universe- I win, you lose

Dear Universe:

I'm having a day. You know what I mean. The kind of day where it feels like I can't win, and that no matter how hard I try, you are going to keep holding me under. But you've underestimated me. I can beat you. And I will overcome this bad day.
It all started when my mobile phone stopped working this morning. Just kaput! What was a perfectly good phone yesterday, today was only capable of dialing gibberish, and suddenly incapable of answering calls. As you know, I'm underemployed these days, and stretched thin financially. But thanks to the phone breaking down within 3 days of the warranty expiring (as in still under warranty), and an incredibly understanding sales lady, I have a loaner phone till my awesome new phone arrives on Friday. Oh trust me, you hit me where it hurts (the wallet) and its going to leave a mark, but I'm going to survive just fine.
And then, Universe, you decided to make my car break down. But again, I was saved by incredibly nice salesmen. I knew it was my car battery (3 yr battery had been in my car 7 years), so I went straight to a repair shop. The nice (and attractive) guys in there were honest, (flirtatious) and kind and admitted they would charge me more than Sam's Club. So I thanked them (and flirted a minute longer) and drove over there. Would you believe I saved 50% by driving the extra ten minutes over there? I'd say it was worth it. While I was there I also saved some money by eating in the food court ($2 for pizza and a coke!). Through an unexpected conversation I told the cashier I didn't have any change on me because I had just thrown it all in the fundraising bucket at the first car shop. Turns out the cashier knew who that money was going to, and was so grateful she gave me extra pizza.
You thought you were going to get me down today. But you were wrong. Did I mention my cousin even cut my hair for free this morning? And that it looks grrreat!! (and I like to think worked in my favor at that first car shop)
I'll be honest, I am stressing over the money situation. Having to spend $200 unexpectedly, when I only get $275/wk, is not easy. You almost could take me down on that one thing alone. But you know what? Erin: 1, Universe: 0.
Today I win. You can't beat me that easy. You fought a good fight, but you can't win them all. (But do me a favor and give me a break for a few days. I need to build my strength back up.)


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